Zoom Mission Statement Analysis

Zoom Mission Statement


Zoom video communication Inc is an American company formed on communication technology. The company was formed in 2011 by Eric Yuan, and it is currently headquartered in San Jose, California. It provides online chat services and videotelephony worldwide via a cloud-based platform. The use of Zoom had risen in times of pandemic.

Zoom technology is being used for distance education, telecommunication, teleconferencing, and social relations. Zoom mission statement is clear and aims to provide seamless video communication. Zoom cares for the community, customers, and companies, and it has envisioned empowering people to accomplish their goals via video telecommunications. 

ZOOM Mission Statement  

Zoom mission statement is Make video communications frictionless and secure”.

Through this Zoom mission statement, it is explicit that the company wants to provide a platform that ensures glitch-free and secure video calling and conferencing. Zoom is a conferencing tool that lets users connect virtually through audio-video and chat via cloud-based services. The ease of use and high quality are two main features of Zoom that set it apart from giants in the market. The company is aimed to provide video first base of communication globally.

Zoom provides users with the options like meetings, workspace, and webinars where an end number of people can join for video calling. It offers the best user experience to its customers. With hundreds of features and unmatched experience, Zoom has gained a high demand in the market. One of the key concerns regarding the use of Zoom was the security issue, but recently zoom has also launched features like end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to enhance security for everyone.

To provide affordable and innovative meeting solutions, Zoom has started the “Works with Zoom” program. Under this program, they have partnered with companies and have been able to achieve 75% savings in video collaborations. It has aimed to develop cloud services with effective quality to enhance your video calling and meeting experience. Functions like enlarging the screen segment to see the information on the screen make Zoom set apart from its competitors. 

ZOOM Vision Statement

ZOOM Corporate Vision statement is Video communications empowering people to accomplish more.”

Zoom has envisioned empowering people, so they can achieve their goals through video conferencing. Although there are big players in the video conferencing domain like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, Zoom has attained the remarkable success it dreamed of. 

With the rise of COVID-19, when the offices and colleges were closed, everyone relied on Zoom for online classes and meetings. The company even provided free accounts for educational purposes.   The education and health sector contributed to the rising demand for Zoom.  

ZOOM Core Values 

Zoom corporate values are: 

  • ZOOM Cares For Company
  • ZOOM cares For Customers
  • ZOOM Cares For Community
  • ZOOM Cares For Teammates
  • ZOOM Cares For Selves

Elaborating the value statement of Zoom, it can be deciphered that Zoom is concerned not just about its own self but also user satisfaction, giving to the community, and caring for its employees, etc.

Furthermore, Zoom defines its culture as “delivering happiness” and its values by “care”. In 2019 Zoom ranked number one for having happy employees. 


It can be concluded that Zoom wants everyone to progress by empowering them to communicate in a seamless way. It also believes in caring for one and all and spreading happiness.  

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