Yelp Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Yelp mission statement is “to connect people with great local businesses.” Yelp shows that it is dedicated towards provision of reliable options for clients through its platform. This statement by Yelp is comprised of the following main points:

  1. Improving lives
  2. Creating connections

The fist component of this mission statement reveals the direct benefit that Yelp strives to offer all its clients through its website. The company acknowledges the power of information, and therefore, it provides an ideal platform where it pools different reviews about local business on behalf of potential customers and investors. By making this information available, Yelp gives them a rare opportunity to get a glimpse of the quality, reliability and trustworthiness of the business before making connections with them. Such an approach makes life easier for everyone who interacts with Yelp. All these efforts contribute towards the fulfillment of the second component of this mission statement. However, the company also goes an extra mile through its blog talk to enhance these connections.


The mission and vision statements of Yelp are a reflection of what this company does best – creating connections. As a directory service company, it was founded in 2004 and has since diversified its business to include additional services such as online reservation. The company has grown in the last decade as a trustworthy enterprise helping clients and stakeholders make the right choices about different local businesses.

Its mission and vision statements have been crucial in this growth. A corporate vision statement establishes future goals that a company works towards, while a corporate mission statement is all about the strategies that would make these achievements a reality.

In this case analysis, the vision statement of Yelp focuses on being a dependable leader in what it does. On the other hand, the mission statement emphasizes on the professional bonds that it creates between different players in the markets. Yelp also draws a lot from its core values as they indirectly contribute to its continued development.

Vision Statement

Yelp is yet to publish a vision statement in its site. However, the activities of the company are proof that it seeks to “lead in enriching the lives of both consumers and local business owners.” There are numerous ways that Yep continues to advance this vision.

Since its foundation, Yelp has positioned itself as the leading platform where clients can post their reviews and create links to help others discover local businesses in America. The company has established comprehensive terms of service together with content guidelines to ensure that it regulates the quality of information that it provides. Such control asserts its leadership trait in this industry.

Core Values

Yelp core values comprise “be unboring, be tenacious, play well with others, be authentic, and protect your source.” The presence of these guiding principles distinguishes Yelp as a model that sets pace for other players in the sector.

The management remains at the frontline to enforce these values and preserve the supportive culture that characterize Yelp. In this way, this company stays competitive and one of the most sought-after enterprises.


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