Whataburger Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Whataburger is a fast-food chain that was founded in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1950. It is known for its iconic orange and white striped A-frame buildings and its classic burgers made with 100% pure beef. The chain also offers a variety of other menu items, such as chicken sandwiches, breakfast options, and milkshakes. The chain has expanded beyond Texas and can now be found in several other southern states.

Whataburger Mission Statement

Whataburger’s mission statement is: “Win our customers’ hearts every time.” 

This means that the company is committed to providing exceptional customer service and creating a positive experience for each and every customer that visits their restaurants. It is a way of emphasizing the importance of customer satisfaction and building strong relationships with customers. By focusing on winning its customers’ hearts, Whataburger aims to create a loyal customer base that will continue to choose its brand over others. Ultimately, the mission statement reflects Whataburger’s goal of not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations in every interaction.

Whataburger Vision Statement

Whataburger’s vision statement is: “A Great Company, a Great Brand.” This reflects the company’s aspiration to be a leading and successful organization with a strong brand reputation. It means that Whataburger strives to be recognized as a great company in the eyes of its employees, customers, and the general public. This involves providing high-quality products and services, creating a positive work environment for employees, and contributing to the communities where they operate. 

At the same time, Whataburger aims to maintain its status as a great brand that is widely recognized and respected by staying true to its core values and maintaining a strong connection with its customers. Ultimately, the vision statement communicates Whataburger’s desire to be a company that is both successful and highly regarded within its industry and beyond.

Whataburger Core Values

Whataburger’s core values sound like this: “be a proud family member, serve the highest quality products, treat others with respect, invest in the community, and be fiscally responsible.”

Whataburger’s core values are a set of guiding principles that shape the company’s culture and actions. Here is a more detailed analysis of each value:

  • Be a proud family member

This value emphasizes the importance of creating a sense of family within the company. It means that Whataburger values teamwork, collaboration, and mutual support among its employees. By fostering a sense of family, Whataburger can create a positive work environment that encourages employees to work together toward common goals.

  • Serve the highest quality products

This value reflects Whataburger’s commitment to providing its customers with the best possible products. It means that Whataburger uses high-quality ingredients, follows strict food safety standards, and continuously strives to improve the quality of its offerings. By serving the highest quality products, Whataburger can build a loyal customer base and maintain its reputation as a top fast-food chain.

  • Treat others with respect

This value emphasizes the importance of treating everyone with dignity and respect, including employees, customers, suppliers, and members of the community. It means that Whataburger values diversity and inclusivity and strives to create a welcoming environment for everyone. By treating others with respect, Whataburger can build strong relationships and create a positive impact on society.

  • Invest in the community

This value reflects Whataburger’s commitment to giving back to the communities where it operates. It means that Whataburger supports local causes and organizations through charitable donations, volunteering, and other means. By investing in the community, Whataburger can build goodwill and strengthen its ties with local residents.

  • Be fiscally responsible

This value emphasizes the importance of financial prudence and responsibility. It means that Whataburger strives to manage its resources efficiently, minimize waste, and make sound financial decisions. By being fiscally responsible, Whataburger can maintain its financial stability and continue to invest in its business and its people.

Overall, these core values reflect Whataburger’s commitment to creating a positive impact on its employees, customers, communities, and the broader society while maintaining a strong business performance.

Whataburger Mission Statement History

Here is a brief history of Whataburger’s mission statement, grouped by year from most recent to oldest:

  • Recent years:

“Win our customers’ hearts every time.”

Early 2000s:

“To grow the Whataburger family of restaurants throughout our market areas by utilizing a culture of pride and commitment to excellence.”

  • 1990s:

“We will serve the highest quality, freshest product at a competitive price while providing the greatest possible service to our customers.” 

  • 1980s:

“Our success is dependent on the combined efforts of each and every one of us.” 


“To provide the finest food and service possible by continually improving every phase of our operations.”

  • 1960s:

“We prepare and serve quality food at a fair price and treat our customers as we would guests in our own home.” 

  • 1950s:

In the early years of Whataburger, the company did not have a formal mission statement. However, its focus on providing high-quality burgers and exceptional customer service laid the foundation for the company’s values and mission in the years to come.

The Final Take

In conclusion, Whataburger is a popular fast-food chain that has built a strong reputation for providing high-quality food and exceptional customer service. The company’s core values, mission statement, and vision statement reflect its commitment to excellence, continuous improvement, and creating a positive impact on its employees, customers, communities, and society at large. 

Over the years, Whataburger has evolved its mission statement to reflect changing priorities and goals while maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction and providing high-quality products and services. 

Overall, Whataburger’s values and mission have played a key role in its success and continue to guide its operations and decision-making.

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