Warby Parker Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Warby Parker mission statement is “to offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price while leading the way for socially conscious businesses.” The statement shows that the company sought to usher in a new era of affordability coupled with quality, all focused on giving the customers the best shopping experiences. The statement has the following components:

  1. Distinguished products
  2. Improving lives

In the first component, Warby Parker sought to fill a gap that existed in the global market – dominance and absence of exceptional quality in glasses and sunglasses industry. The company started by directly engaging with its customers to identify their aesthetic preferences, unlike the traditional approaches. Such an approach has enabled the company to create eye-catching and comfortable eyeglasses that are surprisingly affordable too. The process has become even better with the home try-on options to get a better taste of the customers. The consideration of the likes of the customers shows how much Warby Parker cares about the lives of its clients as represented by the second component. Together with its cost-cutting mechanisms, this company continues to accomplish its mission of ensuring everyone can enjoy life by accessing the eyeglasses or sunglasses of their choice.


Warby Parker is an American corporation formed with the sole purpose of providing people with designer prescription glasses. The online firm was founded in 2010 and has since clocked tremendous milestones due to its customer-first attitude as reflected in its mission and vision statements. The role of these two statements in its growth cannot be underestimated.

A corporate vision statement forges the growth path of a company. It works closely with a corporate mission statement, which explains the fundamental strategies of growing the business to achieve its full potential. Core values also contribute to this growth.

In this case analysis of Warby Parker, the vision statement emphasizes on creating an environment where customers can enjoy getting glasses of their choice. On the other hand, its mission statement looks to make the affordability of these products a common phenomenon. The core values of this company complement the two tools by ensuring that the culture of the company is refined and appropriate to achieve all its objectives.

Vision Statement

Warby Parker vision statement is “we believe that buying glasses should be easy and fun.” The statement is all about the satisfaction of the customers. It is guided by this component:

  1. Making buying easy and fun.

At Warby Parker, the customer is at the heart of every activity of the company. That is why the firm takes their feedback seriously to guide the designs of every inch of the products. To add to this, the firm ensures everyone has an opportunity to be part of this fun by giving out a pair of every product to those in need.

Core Values

Warby Parker core values comprise “green is good, respect for all, customer-first.” The culture that identifies this company is a direct product of these values.

It has been invaluable in the branding of the company and the creation of a long-lasting reputation in the sector.


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