Walgreens Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Walgreens mission statement can be expressed as “to champion the health and well-being of every community in America.” Although this is the purpose statement of this firm, it can also be adapted as its mission. The mission statement relates to these primary features:

  1. Improving health
  2. Improving communities

The organization of Walgreens pharmacy shows that it is passionate and committed to the improvement of the health of its customers. For instance, in addition to stocking a variety of pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement products, this establishment also runs healthcare clinics with flexible booking and appointment schedules. The mere presence of Walgreens in programs that prioritize the health of Americans is proof that it contributes to the improvement of their lives. In fact, healthy people translate to better and progressive communities, an evidence of how efficiently Walgreens satisfies its second feature in this mission statement.


As the second biggest U.S-based pharmacy store, Walgreens has set a standard in various related services such as health and wellness, photo services, and prescription filling. Its mission and vision statements reflect a company committed to the transformation and improvement of the pharmacy sector based on the strategies they emphasize. A corporate mission statement describes the approaches that a business wants to use to grow.

In this case, the mission statement by Walgreens stresses on finding ways to boost the overall well-being of the Americans. On the other hand, a corporate vision statement illustrates the growth direction of a company. The vision statement of Walgreens in this analysis discloses the aspirations of the firm to become the most sought-after or demanded service provider in the sector. Walgreens also exploits its core values to maintain its growth rate. These have been crucial in the stability of this company since 1901.

Vision Statement

Walgreens vision statement is “to be America’s most-loved pharmacy-led health, well-being and beauty company.” The statement expresses the determination of the company to strive to meet all the needs of its clients. It recognizes that this is the only way any business can earn trust and appreciation as a reliable brand. These features relate to the statement:

  1. Serve America
  2. Become the best company

The first feature specifies that Walgreens is there to serve the American market. There is no limitation to its accessibility within the nation irrespective of the background or geographical location of its customers. The availability of diverse services including delivery systems and clinics shows that Walgreens is adequately equipped to meet all the pharmacy-related services within the nation. It is no surprise that it has grown into one of the top brands in the U.S. in this industry.

Core Values

Walgreens core values comprise “trust, partnership, integrity, honesty, and quality care.” The management of this company understands the historical legacies that have enabled Walgreens to be such a fierce competitor in the sector. To remain at the top, the firm prioritizes the role of its core values in the creation of a healthy environment where the company can inter-relate with everyone leading to its continued growth into prosperity.


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