Vodafone Mission Statement

Vodafone is a leading and pioneering telecommunication company that was founded in 1982 in Newbury, United Kingdom. Today, it operates in over 22 different countries and has a partner network in 48 other countries. Getting a primary listing in the London Stock Exchange and coming under the FTSE 100 Index are some of the achievements of the popular company. Today the company has a presence in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.

The company is known to have the largest mobile and fixed network in Europe. Also, it has the fastest-growing 5G network across Europe. It is also among the top IoT service providers. With over 300 million mobile users and approximately 22 million TV customers, the company connects 118 million IoT devices. This is not all, Vodafone is also into Fintech and mobile payments. Over 40 million people in Africa are taking advantage of its fin-tech platform. It also has a cloud-based TV platform that is used in around 10 markets.

Like any other company, the mission and vision of Vodafone, along with its core values, give the company the direction to progress further. The mission of the company is to connect people across the globe for a bright future and bring about change in society. Commitment to sustainability is another objective the company wants to achieve. 

Additionally, the company’s vision statement reveals where the company foresees itself in the next few years. Vodafone envisions itself to become a leader in the telecommunications segment of the world. Also, it is working towards improving one billion lives and reduce its environmental impact to half by the year 2025.

Integrity, trust, speed, and more support to the customer, so that they enjoy a seamless digital experience, form the core values of the organization.

Vodafone mission statement, vision, and core values extensively contribute to the company’s success by serving as guiding principles. It is what makes the company stand out and give the highest quality of service to its customers. 

Vodafone Mission Statement

Vodafone mission statement is: “To connect for a better future and our expertise and scale gives us a unique opportunity to drive positive change for society.” 

Vodafone believes in connecting and empowering people for the better. It also focuses on socio-economic progress and protecting the planet. Additionally, the company also focuses on becoming the favorite brand of its customer. It does so by continuously raising the bar in providing a delightful experience, cutting-edge service, and meaningful innovations. Here are the main components of Vodafone mission statement:

Inclusion of all: Vodafone believes in inclusion for all and providing a set of opportunities for growth to all. This includes bridging the boundaries in our society so that everyone can contribute to the best of their ability. The company also focuses on creating gender equality by opening opportunities to women. It also connects 10 million youth to learn digital skills educate themselves and get employment. It connects and empowers people and communities. 

Establishing a digital world– Through its digital services, the company wants to contribute towards growth, economic prosperity, and sustainable development. This is an important aspect of Vodafone mission statement. To ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity in this fast-paced digital age, it wants to enhance the accessibility of technology so that everyone can take advantage of this change for betterment. 

Planet / Environment care- Further, it also makes efforts to become the most-valued company by leading smartly and meeting the government’s standards while ensuring minimal environmental impact. The company is working towards reducing greenhouse emissions by 50%, using renewable sources of electricity, and ensuring that e-waste is tacked in the best way minimizing environmental impact. These green initiatives of the company reveal that Vodafone takes its responsibility towards the environment is as important as its expansion plans and profitability. Now, after knowing Vodafone mission statement, let’s look at how the company perceives itself after few years.

Vodafone vision statement  

The company envisions “To be the new generation connectivity & digital services provider.”  

The company’s vision sets out ambition for the company to be in a leading position by beating the tough market competition. To make the vision of the company simple to understand, it can be broken down into two parts: 

Internet connectivity for all: Vodafone focuses on providing “reliable and affordable internet connectivity to everyone to improve customer’s lives and quality of living their life worldwide. It aims at ‘building a digital future’ for all and become a leading name in communication services.

The new-age digital service provider: Another aspiration of Vodafone is to be the new-age provider of digital services to help the world embrace the digital future. The company aims at creating a digital world that ensures digital connectivity for all while ensuring the best for its customers, stakeholders, and employees. The company’s vision is to fulfil the needs of future generations by being their reliable and innovative next-generation digital service provider.

Vodafone’s core values

Vodafone Core Values are “to embody the spirit of our brand. They serve as the guiding principles for our every thought and action.” Every action and decision of the company is guided by its value of providing strength to the brand. This is the reason why Vodafone put extensive focus on the following factors:

  • Speed: The company believes in providing service at the fastest speed possible. The speed of the internet is a perfect way to measure the competence of a communications service provider.
  • Trust: Another value of the company is to be always transparent and open about what they do. It is to build a culture of trust in customers, employees, or shareholders.
  • Digital: The company believes that digital transformation is important for everyone’s progress, including their own. Hence, they believe in the policy of inclusion.
  • Passion: The company is passionate about “creating value for society and returns for shareholders.” It is their passion that helps them keep growing.
  • Bold: Vodafone always adopts the path that seems bold. Their bold vision is to play a significant role in digital transformation. They choose what others may not and make themselves prepared for every challenge that might come in their path. 

The company always uses the power of cutting-edge technology to enhance customer experience. Vodafone is committed to being the world’s top communication provider and trusted partner. 

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