Vans Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Vans mission statement is “to enable creative expression—and inspire youth culture —by celebrating and encouraging the Off the Wall attitude that comes from expressing your true self.” In this statement, Vans demonstrates its openness and determination to go out of the way to bring out the best in the youths. It does this by encouraging creativity and inspiring sportsmanship through its products. The mission statement comprises of these components:

  1. Encouraging creativity. Vans satisfies this component by being a liberal-minded corporation that designs all its products with its customers in mind. In fact, customers highly regard Vans because of the wide variety of sporting equipment it avails for them to choose from in addition to their high quality, yet very fairly priced.   
  2. Improving lives. Making a difference in the lives of the people who shop with Vans is top of the list of this corporation. While satisfying this, Vans acknowledges that improvement of the lives of its customers is more than simply provision of quality products. That is why it is extensively involved in sustainable initiatives such as green sole operations


Vans Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of shoes and other apparel for skateboarding. Although this a very competitive industry, this company has managed to stay strong and thriving due to the ability of the management to keep everyone focused on the mission and the vision statements of Vans.

A corporate vision statement is an indication of the future position that the business wants to achieve. In the case of Vans, its vision points at its ability to unlock potentials in its customers. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement gives a picture of how the company would execute activities to propel its development agenda.

The mission statement by Vans emphasizes how it seeks to influence performance and creativity through top-quality products. This is what Vans has come to be known for since it first started its operations in 1966. Moreover, the core values of this company have enabled it to maintain its focus, leading to its steady growth trend. This shows how important the mission and the vision statement of Vans are to the long-term success of the company.

Vision Statement

Vans vision statement is “designed for the creative pursuit of being you.” Helping customers to not only enjoy themselves but also realize their potential is undoubtedly the emphasis of this statement. It has the following components:

  1. Creative pursuit. In this component, Vans echoes the value it places on creativity. That is why all its products can only be defined as state of the art.
  2. Being you. To ensure it is the best, Vans puts into account the personal needs and preferences of its customers in everything it does. As a result, these inform all the designs.

Core Values

Vans core values comprise “connectedness, determination, inclusivity, expressive, and fun.” Vans pride in building constructive relationships, being resourceful and vibrant while embracing different perspectives and ideas to inform the growth of the company. In this way, Vans has continued to thrive everywhere it expands.


Vans slogan is: Off the Wall


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    Hey Vans I’m just wondering if you might think my boy might represent you well. Garrett Shadbolt is a PRCA rodeo Cowboy. Garrett won the Resistal Rookie of the year in 2019. He sets number two in the PRCA Bareback ridding as I write this. Garrett always wares Vans when he isn’t riding bucking horses. He used to have a tradition of buying a new pair of Vans every time he won a rodeo! He will travel to every state in the nation this year and he is looking for a few more sponsors

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