UPMC Mission & Vision Statement Analysis

UPMC Mission Statement

UPMC is a Pittsburgh-based company that offers cost-effective patient care. It is the largest employer in Pennsylvania, with more than 92,000 employees, 40 hospitals, and 800+ doctor’s offices. Along with that, UPMC is the largest medical insurer in Western Pennsylvania that serves four million members in their insurance services division. 

The company has shared its clinical, managerial, and technological skills worldwide through innovative products and services. The company has collaborated with the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences. UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside is one of the best hospitals in the country, and they have established another health care unit named UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. The company’s mission is to strengthen the health system through innovation and advancements. Hence, it is focused on community wellbeing. 

UPMC Mission Statement

UPMC mission statement is “to serve our community by providing outstanding patient care and to shape tomorrow’s health system through clinical and technological innovation, research, and education.” 

UPMC works with the purpose of serving the community with honesty and integrity. The company has made a significant difference in the healthcare segment. They have successfully structured their policies to support their business values and principles. Protecting patients, employees, and business information is the company’s primary concern, and they promote corporate values and compliance according to federal laws. 

UPMC launched its Global Care program for international patients who are traveling to Pennsylvania. It helps with visas and travel logistics, housing and recreation, along with dietary and religious support. In addition, UPMC contributes to the health care industry and provides necessary and emergency resources to the residents of western Pennsylvania and its surrounded areas. 

UPMC Vision Statement

UPMC vision statement is to transform the healthcare industry with new technology and resources. They have created a model for all health plan members and patients where everyone can avail the right care at the right time. Along with that, UPMC’s vision highlights the following:

  • UPMC is completely dedicated to its patients, health plan members, employees, and community, and their activities revolve around them
  • They wish to work according to a model where each and every patient is treated well on time.
  • It aims to provide outstanding care to its patients
  • It wants to provide high value to its stakeholders
  • Through its association with the University of Pittsburgh, the company wants to excel in disease prevention, treatment, and cure.
  • It envisions serving the poor and providing excellence and innovation in health care.
  • Lastly, it wants to move towards exploring new business opportunities globally. 

UPMC Core Values 

UPMC core values can be summed up in words like equality, dignity, caring, safety, integrity, and excellence in innovation. They have created a safe environment for their employees and patients, where a non-discrimination policy is strictly maintained. 

Discrimination acts such as discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, limited English proficiency, ancestry, national origin, age, gender, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, marital, familial, disability status, or status as a covered veteran or any other legally protected status is strictly prohibited in UPMC. 

Respect for all the employees and patients is a must at UPMC. It ensures all employees are treated equally. They communicate with their patients, health care members, stakeholders, doctors, and employees to develop their business strategy. 

The company is committed to maintaining 100% transparency in keeping its accounts and business records. They have a clear conflict of interest statement between their board members, physicians, employees, clinical researchers associated with the company, and non-employed members who hold a position of influence.  


Through UPMC mission and vision, it is clearly established that it has one-point agenda to improve the health care system and work delicately to take this forward.