What Is UnitedHealthcare Mission Statement?

Catering to the well-being of people and the nation as a whole is not a one-day job, and UnitedHealthcare has shown the world that they’re up to the task. The healthcare and well-being company is religiously dedicated to keeping people connected to better health through affordable healthcare services, products, and approaches that also improve the functionality of the healthcare system. They use two platforms with intuitive medical website design to offer these services online and offline to their potential and existing customers.

Over the years, UnitedHealthcare has found its strength in advanced technology, clinical expertise, and data and health information, which they use to match up to the fast-paced world of global healthcare.

With over 260,000 people working collectively to keep up with the impeccable reputation of this brand in the US and 125 other countries, it is only right to look into the driving forces and motivation behind their genius. Here are the details of the mission statement and core values of UnitedHealthcare.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of UnitedHealthcare is centered around what they do and who they do it for. They are customer-centric and have their mission statement aligned to take full responsibilities for their customers. The following guides their actions and responses to their business operations:

  • They desire to improve the functionality of the health system and boost the physical and mental health and well-being of their customers and the community where they reside.
  • They collaborate with healthcare professionals and experts alike to ensure that access to quality healthcare is not a hoax, especially when it’s made affordable.
  • They empower people with all the guidance, tools, and knowledge they need to make better personal health choices and decisions by supporting and enhancing physician/patient relationships.

Overall, the mission of UnitedHealthcare is to keep people on the right track of maintaining and living a healthier life while providing a better health system that works for everyone.

Core Values

At UnitedHealthcare, they adhere to five core values. These values are what guide their mission to give people easier access to better health care and health system.

  1. Integrity

Staying true and committed at the personal and organizational level is one of the driving forces at UnitedHealthcare. The organization believes that all work ethics should be adhered to and high-quality services delivered, without any compromises. 

  1. Compassion

To help them understand their customers well enough to treat them with the utmost care, this organization serves their clients with compassion and empathy. This mode of service is what encourages them to discover more health problems and solutions to these problems, as they make relentless attempts to keep their clients safe and well cared for.

  1. Relationships

With a culture that fosters collaboration and trust between colleagues and patients, UnitedHealthcare prioritizes relationships. The framework for their service is built on trust, respect, humility, and collaboration – through which both clients and employees can work cohesively without any issues.

  1. Innovation

The brand is set to keep improving its products and services through in-depth research and innovation. The organization as a whole encourages creativity in its employees and is open to every idea, perspective, and practice.

  1. Performance

Offering the best products and services is a lifestyle at UnitedHealthcare. The brand aims at giving clients the best experience and ensuring that employees make decisions that they can boldly be accountable for. 

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