United Airline Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

United Airlines mission statement is “to create an inclusive work environment, characterized by dignity and respect, that empowers every employee to serve the global marketplace and contribute to our success.” The statement shows how important the work environment at United Airlines is to its reputation. The company acknowledges that this is precisely what determines whether it will remain the yardstick for its competitors to emulate. The following main components reveal what this mission statement is all about:

  1. Inclusive work environment
  2. Distinguished services
  3. Improving lives

First, this mission statement emphasizes that its work environment is the most important factor of consideration. United Airlines understands that the quality of the services that it offers its customers is as good as the relationships and practices within its work settings. Considering that the Airline seeks to leave all its clients with long-lasting impressions of how good and worth their services are, the company leaves nothing to chance to ensure it achieves this goal.

The management does this by first ensuring that United Airlines is a family with a common agenda of uniting the world. The company has made significant strides towards this aspiration led by its amazing leaders led by the chief executive officer of the establishment. United Airlines is confident that with healthy inter-relationships, the business is in a better position to offer the best customer services that it can to satisfy the second component. This explains why United Airlines constantly meets all its schedules despite having the third-largest number of fleets in the world.

Even the various stories by customers and crew are evidence of how prepared and exceptional United Airlines is in all its services.  The healthy relationships created by how United Airlines runs its operations have a positive impact on the lives of different people. Some of these comprise the travelers who use the services to their destinations. Others include the ever happy and fulfilled member of crew working for the Airline.


As one of the largest Airlines in the United States, United Airlines has set a standard when it comes to the quality of the services that it offers. At the global level, it ranks third among all other airlines, indicating how important it is for the American travel and aviation industry. For close to a century, this Airline has shown its commitment to its course and purpose of connecting the world through its reliable services.

The operations of United Airlines run in accordance with its mission and vision statements especially with their emphasis on the dominance of the market. The history of this Airline shows that its management values the relationship between the company and the clients, and considers it crucial for its progressive growth. The mission statement by United Airlines is an illustration of a business strategy whose focus is on customer experiences. It also prioritizes the progressive growth of the Airline while treating the customers in the most professional and friendly ways. By prioritizing these factors, United Airlines differentiates itself as a practical enterprise whose main focus is customer service first, then its growth comes second.

On the other hand, the corporate vision statement of United Airlines focuses on the global stage, and this demonstrates its desire to have influence that goes beyond the U.S. Similar to the mission statement, the people remain at the core of this vision. United Airlines draws significant support for achieving these corporate statements from its core values. The mission and vision statement, together with the core values give United Airlines an added advantage to progress and realize its ambitions of being a global leader.

Vision Statement

United Airlines vision statement is “to become recognized as an airline where: leaders embrace diversity and inclusion as a business advantage, employees feel highly valued, are actively engaged and are treated with dignity and respect and customers value our inclusive approach to delivering flyer-friendly service.” This statement affirms how hard United Airlines works to ensure that it meets the needs of all the stakeholders. The statement relates to the following primary components:

  1. Embrace diversity and inclusion
  2. Employees feel fulfilled
  3. Connects the world

The first component recognizes that United Airline serves diverse communities, and therefore, to be successful, the business must be a reflection of similar values. That is why its workforce comprises of people from different backgrounds and beliefs to remain consistent with this component.  In this way, the Airline creates a better foundation for equal treatment of all the people.

For the second component, United Airlines goes an extra mile to implement a system that promotes individual development, respects personal contributions and appreciates teamwork. Such a supportive environment leads to the fulfillment of employees as they feel valued and part of the overall achievements of the company. In fact, with happy employees, United Airlines is sure that the customers will similarly be happy as they constantly encounter workers who are thrilled to assist and interact with them during their flights.

Core Values

United Airlines core values comprise “diversity and inclusion, fly right, fly friendly, fly together, and fly above and beyond. “These are the principles that guide the overall operations and activities at United Airlines. They are essentially responsible for the eventual success of the company.

Creating an environment where everyone feels safe and appreciated tops the list of the values that United Airlines shares. This is complemented by other values such as the demand for the organization to always maintain its high standards of conduct to ensure that it meets all the promises made to the customers.

While delivering the commitments, United Airlines states that is desires to always warm the hearts of its customers as it connects them to their destinations. As a result, anyone who travels with it automatically becomes a member of the United family and has a voice and a right to be treated in the best way possible. The presence of these values is what has seen United Airlines rise into a highly respectable and reliable player in the sector today.


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