UMC (United Methodist Church) Vision and Mission Statements Analysis

UMC mission statement is “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” The statement reveals the basics that constitute UMC. They include:

  1. Love of God and neighbor.
  2. Transform the world

The first learning that UMC (United Methodist Church) emphasizes on is a major message that started with John Wesley. The Church indicates that the two are inextricable, and this is what it strives to share through its teachings and actions in the society. The indiscriminate approach towards people in need is one of the many ways that UMC satisfies the first part in its mission statement. To transform the world, UMC believes in individual awareness and rediscovery through faith and prayers. The denomination emphasizes that personal self is the basic unit of goodness, which can then be shared with others to change the world.


United Methodist Church (UMC) is a global protestant denomination founded in 1968. It prioritizes on practical divinity, which comprises of living as Christians by practicing faith and love. As a result, its mission and vision statements are critical of the ability of individuals when it comes to active engagement with the contemporary world. The two statements, together with the core values seek to create a setup that demonstrates the goodness and productivity of Christians in the societies.

The mission statement, for instance, emphasizes on molding individuals who reflect the character of Jesus Christ. It considers such qualities ideal for a functional world. The vision statement echoes the primary purpose that identifies the church – creating a legacy of sharing the love of God just like Jesus Christ. Through the mission, vision and core values, UMC has become a global brand as it persists to draw more faithfuls.

Vision Statement

Although this is not the official vision statement by UMC, the commitment towards sharing a “legacy of living as disciples of Jesus Christ, sharing God’s love both in what we say and how we serve our neighbors” is a perfect reflection of the vision.

UMC is a religious unit whose primary duty is to spread the word of God, and mold behavior and practices that agree with the gospel. It has made significant progress in this journey considering that it has above 12 million followers globally.

Core Values

UMC (United Methodist Church) core values include “sanctification, tribute to God, free will, social justice, and salvation through Jesus Christ.” The incorporation of these values keeps the UMC within the set mission and the vision. In fact, it creates a spiritual environment where individual members can grow and solidify their faith.


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