Twitch Mission Statement Interpretation

Twitch Mission Statement

Twitch, based in America is a market leader and pioneer in the field of live video gaming. To expand its services and enrich the experience of its viewers Twitch also offers broadcasts of sports competitions, music, creative content, and “real-life streams”. The company recently underwent a rebranding exercise and has a new 3-dimensional logo.

Twitch formerly known as was launched by Justin Kan and Emmett Shear in 2007. The name was adopted in 2011 due to the popularity of the gaming platform. It was later acquired by Amazon in 2014 as a part of its Prime Video offerings. The present CEO of Twitch is Emmett Shear, who leads all the development and innovation at Twitch is all about entertainment by and for an enthusiastic community of creators. 

In terms of numbers, Twitch has 2.5 million viewers watching it at any given moment, with 7 million + unique creators streaming every month. Twitch gets an average of 30+ million visitors daily, who watched over 1 trillion + minutes in 2020. The Twitch Partner program has thousands of creators while more than 1,800 employees around the world manage its services and gaming streams.

As part of its rebranding exercise, Twitch has recently released its mission statement that talks about helping people hone the creative skills they already have. However, another mission statement of the company talks about making communities powerful and enabling them to craft creative content while staying together.   

The vision statement of Twitch aims at a global economy where there are all kinds of multi-talented content creators. Driving growth at Twitch and all its streaming channels is the key aim of the company. It intends to achieve it through Twitch mission and vision along with its core values like community first, encouraging talent, commitment, moving boldly, and new ideas to stay relevant in today’s times.

Twitch Mission Statement

Twitch Mission Statement

Twitch has recently redesigned its logo and launched a short film to introduce the same to its audience and creators. In the “Meet Your New Twitch” video, Twitch also mentioned its mission statement as “Help you do what you do, even better.” This mission statement is a reconfirmation of the belief Twitch has in its content creators and how important it considers them for its business. The key goal and purpose of the company are also to “Empower communities to create, together.”

An analysis of its mission statements brings the following ideas to the forefront.

 Supporting content creation: Twitch underlines the fact that it wants to help content creators grow and give them all the necessary support they need to create better content. Twitch clearly emphasizes over here, that it is there to help content creators create outstanding content that will attract more viewers to it. It credits content creators for their skill and creativity in producing the best content.

  • Be better: Twitch praises the content creators and their talent and states that they must raise their creative and quality benchmarks to create even better content that will attract more viewership. Through its mission statement, Twitch also wants to tell its audiences that it will create content that is both inspiring and entertaining.
  • Empowering communities: The company wants content creators to tell their stories in a more imaginative way. Also, it empowers its community of creators with a multiplayer approach with respect to advertising. Twitch gives preference to its creators when advertising. The company wants its creators and fans to enjoy a great experience together.

Twitch Vision Statement

The vision statement of Twitch reveals that it wants to create “A global economy of diverse multiplayer creators.” This powerful and direct statement shows the ambition and trust Twitch has in its content creators and how it perceives the future to be.

Twitch also diminishes the boundaries between other forms of entertainment and content by laying emphasis on the fact that in the end, the content will be a king and only the best content creators will survive.

There will be no single stakeholder or form of content that will be popular, but the bonding of diverse content creators who will work together towards addressing the audience’s entertainment, education, and knowledge needs.

The vision statement is a part of its new strategy on content creation which emphasizes the fact that content creators are a very important part of Twitch. Also, the company’s strategy is to motivate the content creators to sustain and progress further in the domain of multiplayer entertainment.

Twitch Core Values

The Founder & CEO of Twitch Emmett Shear has laid down specific core values, which he believes are integral for the working and growth of the organization. He highlights the values are not just for its team members, but for all the associates and content creators related to it.

These values have been written to make Twitch unique, while maintaining its independence, encouraging people to make their own and fast decisions and do what’s right for the company and the community it works with.

  1. Shared vision over coordination: Emmet Shear believes more in the power of sharing your vision with others and letting them know what you are working on and how you are doing it, rather than forming groups within the organization for every objective. Groups make communication slow and render the decision-making process unworkable.
  2. Develop talent: Retaining existing talent and promoting in-house talent is how Emmett wants the organization to grow. As a second choice, he prefers hiring the creators and associates they have helped grow so that Twitch can make the best use of their expertise and experiences.
  3. Experiment to decide: Trying out new ideas and choices, rather than keep speculating on the possible results is how the organization can grow and help others grow.
  4. Commitment, not compliance: Your commitment towards your work should not depend on rules that need to be followed, but on your own initiative and upcoming opportunities.
  5. Work backward: Don’t look at reinventing the wheel, if possible but at the same time consider the best ways to approach a problem. Thinking out of the box, sometimes helps achieve the best results with seemingly simple solutions.
  6. Welcome everyone, choose the best: All team members and content creators should focus on how well they can deliver. Talent should be the only criteria for consideration.
  7. Creators first: Putting creators first, is how Emmett believes the business can grow. He wants all thoughts, actions, and policies of the company to focus on this aspect of the business.


Twitch has been able to become the leading content and gaming streaming service due to its clear focus on creators and the value they deliver. Its mission, vision and values are all focused

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