Tim Hortons Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Tim Hortons mission statement is “to deliver superior quality products and services for our guests and communities through leadership, innovation, and partnerships.” The statement lays emphasis on the quality of the food products and services that characterize it. It has these main features:

  1. Improving health
  2. Improving communities

Just as the first feature states, Tim Hortons does not leave anything to chance when it comes to the quality of the items that it serves. The restaurant engages highly qualified experts who understand the need to use only the recommended and freshest ingredients during preparations. Such considerations align with the declaration of Tim Hortons to prioritize nutrition and wellness of its customers. Other than this, Tim Hortons contributes to the development of the communities through its foundation camps. The program targets kids to empower them to achieve their potential and get better opportunities in life.


Tim Hortons is a Canadian-based quick service restaurant that has grown beyond the borders since 1964. It is now a global chain with its presence in up to 14 nations including several branches in the U.S. The mission and vision statements of Tim Hortons have been fundamental in its progressive expansion over the years. A corporate vision statement is an important tool that sets a developmental path into the future. It closely relates to the corporate mission statement, which makes the mechanisms of achieving the projected future a reality for a company.

In the case of Tim Hortons, its vision statement hints at its unwavering dedication to being a leader in the hospitality sector. The mission statement of this company adds to this commitment by emphasizing on the maintenance of superior quality and services for its customers. As backed by the core values, Tim Hortons has made tremendous progress in the achievement of the mission and vision statements so far.

Vision Statement

Tim Hortons vision statement is “to be the quality leader in everything we do.” This company shows that it is more than a restaurant through this vision statement. It can be split into:

  1. Being a leader
  2. Doing more

Other than preparing superior food items, Tim Hortons has established its brand as a leader in the industry. The persistence of the company to set high standards has prompted other related establishments to follow suit. As represented by the second part in its vision statement, Tim Hortons involves itself in other change-minded activities other than treating customers to great coffee. The company is actively involved in the conservation of the environment, capacity building of communities and empowerment of individuals. This is proof that Tim Hortons is a true leader as it exemplifies how firms should be part of the greater agenda of making a true difference.

Core Values

Tim Horton’s core values include “make a difference, customer first, personal excellence, cooperation, and stewardship.” Since the first store opened in Hamilton, this company has shown that it values the spirit of ‘winning together.’ To ensure this is part of the foundation, it has since continued to implement these values to influence the stability of the company as well as create a supportive culture.

Tim Hortons Mission Statement History

Tim Hortons is a Canadian multinational fast-food restaurant known for its coffee and doughnuts. The company has a rich history, starting from its humble beginnings in 1964 to becoming a beloved brand across Canada and other parts of the world. Over the years, Tim Hortons’ mission statement has evolved to reflect the changing needs of its guests and the communities it serves. Let’s take a look at the mission statement history of Tim Hortons, grouped by year from newest to oldest:

  • 2014 – Present

To deliver superior quality products and services for our guests and communities through leadership, innovation, and partnerships.

Tim Hortons’ current mission statement reflects its commitment to providing superior quality products and services. The company aims to meet the expectations of its guests and make a positive impact on the communities it operates in. Leadership, innovation, and partnerships are highlighted as essential components of achieving these goals.

  • 1995 – 2014

To be the quality leader in everything we do.

In the late 1990s, Tim Hortons adopted a mission statement focused on becoming the quality leader in all aspects of its operations. This mission statement aligned with the company’s dedication to providing high-quality food and beverages to its customers, aiming to be recognized as a leader in the industry.

  • Early Years – 1995

In its early years, Tim Hortons’ mission statement emphasized delivering superior quality products and services while highlighting the importance of leadership, innovation, and partnerships. This mission statement laid the foundation for the company’s future success and growth.

It’s worth noting that while Tim Hortons’ mission statement has evolved over time, the core values of providing superior quality, leadership, innovation, and partnerships have remained constant. These values reflect the company’s dedication to meeting customer expectations, driving innovation, and making a positive impact on the communities it serves.


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