The Mission Statement for MGM Resort International

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The hospitality and entertainment industry is filled with so many companies that promise to give their customers a memorable experience, but none can do it quite like MGM Resort. This entertainment company has national and international locations featuring top-tier hotels and casinos, elegant meeting spaces, several amazing restaurants, and a defining nightlife experience.

While making a huge impact on the social life of communities that operate in, they also ensure that they develop their economic sectors by creating jobs, paying taxes that fund education and public infrastructures, and paying high wages to locals. 

It is indeed rare to find a company in the entertainment industry that caters to the community they operate in just as much as MGM Resorts does. Hence, it is important to understand their values, unique approaches, and inspiration. 

Mission Statement

At MGM Resort International, they work together to create partnerships and experiences that entertain, engage, and inspire their customers. They aim to be the leader in the entertainment and hospitality industry.

Vision Statement

MGM Resorts build, develop, and operate astounding resorts in unique destinations to give their customers a memorable time. MGM Resort international also offers top-tier dining and accommodations, exceptional entertainment for the thrill of it, sophisticated facilities for your conventions and meetings, and an unforgettable gaming experience at their elite casino house.

By embracing the diversity that sparks innovation and inspires greatness, they endeavor to attain global recognition as the leading company of the entertainment and hospitality industry.

Value Statement

The actions of MGM Resorts are driven by the “Focused on What Matters: Embracing Humanity and Protecting the Planet initiative.” This motive prompts them to develop a sustainable future and make a positive impact on the life of their guests, employees, the communities where they operate, and its residents.

They express their love and concern for communities through volunteerism and philanthropy. Their operational strategies are governed by thoughtful actions as they build communities. MGM Resort has a sole aim, and that is to yield positive results wherever they step foot.

The company values, Focus on What Matters, guides their operations, and commits them to taking actions that positively impact the world. At MGM Resorts, they have four pillars of social impact and sustainability, which are as follows:

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

At MGM Resorts, they possess a full understanding of the importance of a diverse workplace and have set policies that embrace this diversity. They cultivate relationships with professional organizations, network groups, and educational organizations to create a recruitment channel of diverse talents into their workforce. The diversity and inclusion culture at MGM Resort l spans through all their operations and guest services. Employees are also respected and treated fairly, and their guests are not exempted from this endearing treatment.

Investing in community

MGM Resorts takes full responsibility for the social and economic growth of the communities they operate in. They also create jobs with competitive wages, which aims at developing the workforce of their neighbors. At MGM Resorts, they see themselves as core members of the communities they operate in and are fully accountable for their affairs. 

Investing in the future of the workforce is also a priority of this outstanding entertainment company: they offer post-secondary education scholarship opportunities to the children of employees working with them.

  • Caring for one another

They give appreciation to communities they operate in for welcoming them with open arms. Giving back to them has been their way of saying thank you. MGM Resorts embraces a culture of voluntary work as the initial step to making a positive social impact on the communities they operate in.

It doesn’t stop there, they are also great philanthropists. Donations from a portion of their profits each year are made, to develop stronger and better host communities. 

  • Protecting our Planet

The safety of our planet is one of their topmost priorities. They fight against climate change by using their influence to advocate for effective and resourceful government policies. MGM Resorts invest in smart building strategies that reduce carbon intensity and the negative environmental impact their constructions may have on our planet in the long run.

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