Tesco Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Tesco mission statement is “We make what matters better, together.” The statement makes it clear that everyone is part and parcel of the success of this company. As a result, it creates an environment where everyone can achieve their potentials to contribute to the continued growth of this corporation. The statement has the following key parts:

  1. Improving health. The reputation behind Tesco within and beyond the UK lies squarely on its uncompromising attitude when it comes to the health of its customers as shown by this component. Today, this supermarket is perhaps the best in the region, stocking straight-from the farm groceries and going an extra mile to keep the hygiene within all its outlets at the highest level.
  2. Distinguished quality. As Tesco celebrates over 100 years of great value to its customers, it echoes its unwavering passion in serving its customers better every time. The company does this by going beyond the bare minimum of supplying its shoppers with products to choose from – it creates a bond of friendship to help them make even better choices.
  3. Improving lives. There is much more to Tesco than shopping experiences. The company acknowledges the difference that even the smallest help does to the lives of those in need. Through its heart of the Little Helps Plan, Tesco has been reaching out to communities and colleagues in different capacities. In fact, this plan is led by three pillars which comprise the products, people and places. Tesco is committed to making the world a better place through these pillars by being part of efforts that trigger positive changes.


Tesco is a UK based retailer that has come through some of the toughest economic backgrounds and rising from a market stall to a mega supermarket in the nation. The mission and vision statements of this corporation have been crucial for its success ever since its foundation in 1919. Its gradual growth, while constantly keeping the customer at the core of everything it does is an indication of a company with a clear mission and vision.

A corporate vision statement as well as ongoing online surveys is an important business tool that establishes a growth target for a company. A corporate mission statement is similarly invaluable. It identifies the strategic formulation that agrees with the business model of a firm and guarantees potential success. The two statements, aided by the core values influence the growth of this company towards its position as a leading retailer in general merchandise and groceries in the UK.

Particularly, its vision statement seeks to align its business with the expectations of its customers making it the most reputable enterprise. On the other hand, its mission statement emphasizes on ensuring that everything works as planned to meet the needs of its clients. Tesco implements its core values alongside the mission and vision statement, and this has given the company an advantage in the achievement of all its objectives.

Vision Statement

Tesco vision statement is “to be the most highly valued business by: the customers we serve, the communities in which we operate, our loyal and committed colleagues and of course, our shareholders.” The statement shows that satisfaction of all the stakeholders is a crucial aspect for the measurement of vision and the progress of this company towards it. The statement comprises of these main components:

  1. Most highly valued enterprise. This component demonstrates how effective the vision statement is in making clarifying the ideal future position of Tesco. The fact that the company strives to be highly valued shows that it remains committed to meet the needs of all its players in various ways to ascertain their loyalty. The annual reports of Tesco show that it is already making impressive milestones towards this accomplishment.
  2. Flexible for all. To ensure that it is a favorable brand for all, Tesco has designed itself in such a way that it can serve everyone, including online shoppers. The company prides in having over 450, 000 members of staff from 11 markets, all serving its client base in the UK. With such an adequate workforce, no customer is left out – everyone gets services whenever needed.

Core Values

Tesco core values comprise “customer-focused, caring for all, and little help make a difference.” For over a century, these are the main principles that have come to define Tesco as a corporation. They have created a strong internal culture within Tesco making it a reliable brand due to how it values its customers.

Tesco specifically considers customers the most important part of its business. That is why its culture inclines on providing them with the most modern and conducive shopping environment. To ensure seamlessness and corporation with everyone, this company has strategies in place to promote the growth and motivation of its employees. In addition, Tesco demonstrates its reputation by contributing to other social and economic developments of the people it serves.


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