Sutter Health Mission Statement

Headquartered in Sacramento, California, Sutter Health marked its first footprints in the health care delivery industry back in 1923 as a dedicated response to meet the emergency medical needs of the 1918 flu pandemic. It was founded by the Sutter Hospital Association that came into operation in 1921 and the first hospital named after the nearby Sutter’s Fort. It is a not-for-profit integrated health care system that expanded its health care wings by slowly merging a lot of struggling hospitals in and around the area. Later in 1996, Sutter was merged with California Healthcare System in San Francisco Bay Area. Today, popularly known as Sutter Health, it manages over 200 clinics in Northern California and 24 critical care hospitals.

Sutter Health leads with the vision of transforming healthcare services to a superior degree by establishing top-notch accessibility, quality, and affordability. Sutter Health, a not-for-profit health delivery system, has emerged today as a national leader in healthcare, which goes beyond performance scales to achieve improved health care facilities.

Sutter Health Mission Statement highlights the unique indulgence and dedication towards community public health and progress of medical care services keeping in concern the well-being of all and thereby intending to put “mission into action”.

With a dedicated mission towards the establishment and enhancement of the well-being of people in the communities, Sutter Health integrates quality health care with affection and excellence. The robust research and development network system integrated with Sutter Health puts forth essential hard work in studies and research to upscale medical and healthcare advancements to benefit patients across the country.

Sutter Health integrates a versatile range of values to its health care system like affordability, accessibility, integrity, dedication, the establishment of innovative health care with compassion and care.

Sutter Health Mission Statement

Sutter Health mission statement is “We enhance the well-being of people in the communities we serve through a not-for-profit commitment to compassion and excellence in healthcare services.”

Dedicated to communities: Being a not-for-profit health organization is dedicated towards community public care and improvement of medical care. As a health delivery system, Sutter Health devotes itself to improve existing medical healthcare facilities and reach out to people within affordable limits. The organization intends to work for the betterment of public health by improving the accessibility of medical care.

Excellence in healthcare: Sutter’s mission aims to elevate the medical facilities as well as reach out to common people easily. The organization and its entire network of operations put their best foot forward to promote and encourage public health facilities with dedicated community-based services, medical transport services, mobile clinics, health awareness, and wellness programs are some of the iconic mission targets of Sutter Health.

Compassion and Competence: The mission of Sutter Health defines its way of progress through a well-defined and motivated pledge to be compassionate towards the well-being of communities. In other words, Sutter Health mission statement advocates care with compassion. The healthcare industry is devoted to selfless care, and Sutter Health believes in offering every patient dedicated care, respect, and concern. 

Sutter Health Vision Statement 

Sutter Health Vision Statement is “Sutter Health leads the transformation of healthcare to achieve the highest levels of quality, access and affordability.”.

As the history of the development and origin of Sutter Health reveals, it started its work as a noble caregiving institution at the time of a global flu pandemic, it still follows its holistic vision. It is not about just providing health facilities but providing it for the betterment of mankind, general awareness, and promotion of public health.

Quality healthcare: Today, Sutter Health has implemented its vision into reality quite vividly and continues to grow further. Sutter Health proudly and devotedly operates 24 acute care hospitals along with specialized medical centers dedicated to cardiac health, cancer care, surgeries, and home care. It also has rehab centers and five medical foundations operating for common people of the community in two geographic units.

Enhance access to medical facilities: Sutter Health stands apart with its vision of encouraging common public health through comprehensive medical care that can be accessed easily, is affordable for ordinary people, and yet demarcated with superior medical advancements and health facilities.

Since 1921 Sutter Health expanded its network of medical facilities over many areas by integrating many charitable hospitals founded by community members in urban areas to enhance accessibility. Some hospitals are operating solely to manage epidemics, floods, earthquakes, fires, and growing populations. These hospitals are now run with better equipped medical treatment facilities and dedicated caregiving centers.

Affordable medical care:  The establishment of easy accessibility and affordability of healthcare facilities is one of the top aims of the Sutter Health network. Through focused medical care, Sutter Health intends on reducing unnecessary medical procedures, hospital visits, and complications, thereby reducing medical expenses. The organization has successfully kept increases to insurers 3% lower annually from 2014 till date.

Sutter Health Core Values

Sutter Health Core Values are pivoted over holistic development of medical facilities and offering care to the needy that they can afford. Sutter Health intends to bring innovative, progressed, and advanced medical and holistic health care facilities to society.

Community well-being: Sutter Health leads the Medical Care industry with its superior and upscale quality of healthcare services dedicated towards the enhancement of health and well-being of the community.

Innovation & Advancement: The world is rapidly changing every single day, with new health challenges, pandemics, economic ups and downs, and therefore the healthcare industry too needs to be innovative and advanced to cope up. Sutter Health follows the path of innovative caregiving with the use of mobile clinics, awareness programs, and specialty centers offering health care in the most innovative perspectives.

Teamwork: The organization puts in its core belief in teamwork, where dedicated and combined efforts of different branches of healthcare units can together establish a reliable and comforting healthcare network.


Sutter Health Mission Statement is to offer holistic healthcare facilities comprehensively across urban, rural, and suburban communities through customized health care programs that can help different communities to avail of complete patient services.

Sutter Health is a leading name in the health care industry, providing coordinated and comprehensive health to more than 3 million patients. Diverse medical treatments, health awareness programs, specialty centers, it has evolved as a healthcare network committed to public health and enhancement of wellness and care every day.

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