St. Jude Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

St. Jude mission statement is “bringing together devotees in a community of prayer.” The organization emphasizes matters of faith. In this statement, the main focus is the ability to assemble people for a common good through prayers. It has two features:

  1. Bring people together
  2. Community of Prayer

St. Jude is depicted as the patron of hope. The shrine is, therefore, a symbol that not only brings people together but also motivate their unity at all times. The peace associated with it is believed to percolate into societies and nations when people seek intercessions for their petitions to Christ. Other activities by the communities and devotees that frequent the shrine such as the empowerment of those in need in the communities show how important it is to the society.


The National Shrine of St. Jude was established in 1929 by Claretian Missionaries led by Father James Tort in South Chicago. It has been a symbol of hope and inspiration for many catholic and non-Catholic Christians in the region for decades. Its mission and vision to unite people with prayers and devotion remain a driving force that draws thousands of people to it every year. Just like other organizations, St. Jude also benefits from the impact of having a mission and a vision.

A vision statement simply clarifies the direction of growth that an organization works for, while a mission statement is all about how to achieve the vision. In this case analysis of St. Jude, the vision statement of the organization emphasizes the intentions of spreading the word of devotion to the saint. Similarly, the mission statement advances a parallel purpose by identifying the power of prayers, petitions and hope. As a Christian outfit, St. Jude strives to have an environment that exhibits Christian values. It achieves this through a code of conduct that also contributes to the vision of St. Jude.

Vision Statement

Although the vision statement of St. Jude is not published, its is represented by the call of preserving devotion to the saint. There are numerous activities in the shrine that advances this commitment.

Some of these comprise the weekly devotions, frequent visits by international devotees, monthly prayers for the healing, and bible diary sessions. All these keep the unending prayers through the saint of difficult cases teeming.

Core Values

St. Jude core values comprise “prayers, dedication, and faith.” These are reflections that enable individuals to re-examine their lives and bring a positive inspiration in the way they live. The values guide activities, attitudes, and interactions at the shrine.


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