Slack Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Slack Mission Statement

Slack is a chat app for desktop and mobile, especially well-suited for business communication. It connects groups within groups to enable easy conversations between different corporate departments. The software was developed by Slack Technologies in 2013, and the company and its operations are currently owned and managed by Salesforce.

The Slack mission and vision are perfectly suited to its product’s offerings. It aims to bring the communication of an entire business together, and it has done just that for several reputable companies. It makes your job more productive, simplifying the work even more, by facilitating information exchange within the company.

Over the nine years since its inception, Slack has indeed grown to become the go-to chat platform for various renowned businesses around the globe.

Slack Mission Statement

Slack mission statement is, “bringing all your communication together in one place.” By ALL, it literally means everything! You can chat with your subordinates and colleagues, share files in various formats, upload pictures and videos, and so much more. A single company can create a number of groups pertaining to each department, thus developing a clear communication bridge for managers and supervisors.

Indeed, communication is the key to getting any work done efficiently in the shortest possible time. And Slack facilitates instant communication between employees and their superiors. As you may have noticed, the Slack mission statement reiterates the fact of communicating collectively by including “one place” along with “together”.

Slack Vision Statement

Slack vision statement is, “making work-life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.” This amazing chat app is well on its way, making your work-life simpler and more productive. The “pleasant” part remains to be seen. While its design is certainly pleasing to the eye on both desktop and mobile, its notification frequency needs some work. However, since it is their vision to make things more pleasant for businesses, you can definitely expect several improvements in their upcoming updates.

Slack Core Values

Slack core values are heavily dependent on the performance of its software. Thus, they are highly technical.

  • Speed Up Testing: App updates need to be tested before they can be launched. And since businesses thrive on how quickly they can satisfy their clients, Slack always tries to speed up its testing procedure.
  • Improve Customer Service: Businesses tend to grow constantly. And with growing businesses comes an increasing number of problems. Hence, Slack always needs to improve its customer service to handle the growing needs of its clients.
  • Courteously Empathize: Slack trains its representatives to empathize with the customer, courteously so. However, just like one business understands another only so far, the Slack core values don’t let emotions get in the way of professional interaction.
  • Diversity: As long as you bring proficiency to the table, regardless of your skin color, caste, race, religion, etc., you will be considered as an employee or a business client at Slack. Their internal programs like Rising Tides and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) promote harmony within the organization, and their collaboration with various businesses advocate the same without.

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