SIGMA GAMMA RHO Mission Statement Analysis

IN INDIANAPOLIS, the SIGMA GAMMA RHO was founded on November 12, 1922. Seven founding members of this sorority established it intending to help collegiate and professional working women and ensure a better quality of life. It is a national service organization that passed the test of time and promoted the idea of sisterhood, service, and scholarship. It works towards the idea of establishing a greater community for great work. Besides working for women, the sorority has also helped many homeless children. They have several projects under their umbrella that work on helping homeless kids, providing them with medical aid and education. 

sigma gamma rho mission and vision

SIGMA GAMMA RHO Mission Statement 

The SIGMA GAMMA RHO mission statement says, “To enhance the quality of life for women and their families in the U.S. and globally through community service, civil, and social action. Our goal is to achieve greater progress in education, health awareness, and leadership development. Our members, affiliates, staff, and community partners work to create and support initiatives that align with our vision.”

  • The Sigma Gamma Rho mission reveals that it wants to focus on improving women’s lives, and this is not merely limited to the women in the U.S. but also globally.  
  • They want to focus on building a strong bond of sisterhood and togetherness. They aim to generate awareness among women about their health to have a better life.
  • Leadership development among women is also one of the key missions which Sigma Gamma Rho wants to achieve.


SIGMA GAMMA RHO vision statement says, “We visualize a world in which all women and their families reach their full potential in all aspects of life and are able to create unlimited opportunities for future generations.”

To sum up, Sigma Gamma Rho wants to create a positive environment for women, where they can have a better life, get a good education, and explore the opportunities of growth, which is by default their right. Each member or affiliate works together to achieve this vision. 

Core Values of SIGMA GAMMA RHO 

The Sigma Gamma Rho core values revolve around the following set of notions:

  • Sisterhood: The sorority values each of its affiliates’ contributions, making this organization work for so long. Each member and affiliate stand for each other. They embrace the different ideologies and incorporate the same to make the system better. 
  • Respect: This sorority welcomes people from different communities. As its mission statement clearly states that it wants to work for the betterment of every woman. It adheres to the standard practices and policies to ensure that the same feeling transpires through all. 
  • Honesty: The sorority is built on the principle of honesty and accountable actions
  • Accountability: The members understand the importance of their behavior and take responsibility for their actions. 
  • Integrity: The sorority maintains the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. The interest of the organization stands first. 
  • Excellence: The sorority strives for excellence. They believe in adding greater value to society. 
  • Communication: Open communication ensures better decision-making; the sorority maintains complete transparency while providing complete safety of the information. 


The Sigma GAMMA RHO mission and vision aim towards making society a better place to live for women. It works on maintaining higher standards and better quality of life for women not only in the U.S. but in other places as well. 

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