Shopify Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Shopify is an e-commerce company that offers an interactive platform for customers and retailers, along with other wide range of services. If you want to sell something online, then Shopify will provide you with an entire suite of e-commerce tools created just for the purpose. Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake launched the website in 2006. The company’s headquarters presently lie in Ontario, Canada.

Shopify aims to improve commerce so that everyone can access it without breaking a sweat. The Shopify mission and vision proclaim as much, and then some. This is one remarkable company that gives its clients a clear edge over their competition. It handles all the technicalities of e-commerce, letting the retailers focus on building their business.

Let us take a look at Shopify’s mission and values in detail. Judge for yourself if the company is best for you.

Shopify Mission Statement

Shopify mission statement is, “to make commerce better for everyone.” It is short and to the point; tells exactly what the company offers. In the business sense, commerce involves almost everything to do with buying and selling. And to sell something, you need to either buy or make it. Thus, commerce is ideally for the rich or the creatively inclined entrepreneurs.

Shopify intends to change the game by letting everyone sell on their platform, regardless of their creative genius or financial standing. If a human mind creates a product, then there is bound to be another like-minded individual willing to buy it! However, Shopify isn’t simply looking for innovative start-ups; they have several established businesses in their repertoire as well.

Essentially, the Shopify mission statement is targeted at handling the commerce part of the retail industry. The company trains its employees to focus on making the job of the retailer easier. Then it doesn’t matter if it is an established wholesaler or a novice entrepreneur.

Shopify Vision Statement

Shopify vision statement is simply an extension of its mission. It goes like this, “to make commerce better for everyone, so businesses can focus on what they do best – building and selling their products.” Thus, as mentioned in the previous section, Shopify aims to handle everything commerce-related about the business, so that the entrepreneur or retailer can manufacture, buy, and/or sell their products hassle-free on the platform.

Shopify Core Values

Shopify core values are:

  • People: The company cares about the people it works with, the reason why they provide a number of benefits and offers. And that includes both its employees and clients.
  • Creative Thinking: Shopify has a set of rules in places, but it doesn’t always abide by those. It often lets the creativity of its employees and clients flow, giving rise to innovative thinking.
  • Autonomous Management: The company encourages its people to empower themselves, while also lending a helping hand whenever required.
  • 100-year Ambition: Shopify aims to thrive for a hundred years and more, improving the quality of its services at every benchmark. Only about 84 years to go!
  • Opportunities Aplenty: The Shopify mission and vision aim to keep creating opportunities for its clients and merchants, helping them grow into the business success they deserve.