SAP Mission Statement Analysis

SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) is one of the leading software companies in the world based in Germany. In the German language, SAP stands for Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte. 

SAP was founded in 1972 by five engineers Hopp, Wellenreuther, Hector, Tschira and Plattner. Today this multinational company that employs more than 101,000 professionals worldwide.

The company developed a pioneering enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, i.e. SAP R/2 and SAP R/3 that is now being used across enterprises globally. Utilizing advanced computing technology, the company has now come up with SAP S/4HANA that supports AI & machine learning. With this, the company has taken ERP to new heights.

SAP Mission Statement states “To help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Our promise is to innovate to help our customers run at their best. SAP is committed to helping every customer become a best-run business.”

As mentioned in the SAP mission statement, SAP aims to help clients become “better-run businesses” as better managed workplaces ease the life of people and enhance work efficiency. It wants to help businesses run well with no impact on the sustainability of natural resources. The company aims to bring a positive change in the world not just by helping businesses properly organize themselves using technology but at the same time acting responsibly towards the environment.

SAP Mission Statement

In tune with the SAP mission statement, SAP solutions are helping businesses significantly. The company provides end-to-end solutions for various industries, including financial sectors, logistics, distributions, and inventories or accounts. Whether it is improving or managing ERP & Finance, Customer Care, Network & Spend Management, Supply Chain Management, HR & People Engagement, or Business Technology Platform. 

The SAP mission statement talks about helping every client become the best-run business to make the world better, eventually. For this, the company caters to wide-ranging industries, such as include Energy & Natural Resources, Finance, Consumer Industries (Agribusiness, Consumer Products, Fashion, Life Sciences, Retail and Wholesale), Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Machinery & Parts, Logistics, Engineering, Construction, Travel, Sports, Entertainment, Telecom, Defense, Security, Healthcare, Education, and more.

Being able to sustain in today’s highly competitive and dynamic business environment is quite a task for businesses today. SAP focuses on “improving people’s lives” and “best-run business” and for this, it offers solutions to make enterprises intelligent and sustainable to build a loyal customer base, attract investors, retain talented employees, and establish a brand.

SAP offers integrated and smart applications that work seamlessly to coordinate all functions of a business using a fully digital platform. The fact that SAP has over 230 million cloud users and 100+ solutions catering to numerous business functions speaks volumes about the success of the company, SAP Mission Statement, vision statement, and core values. 

SAP website has mentioned one of the key purposes of the company as “SAP as an enabler and exemplar of sustainability”. Various companies talk about sustainability but usually lack the vision and/or resources to achieve it. SAP, on the other hand, has not just aim “to create a positive economic, environmental, and social impact worldwide” but is also working towards it with perseverance. Also, the company believes in leading by example; and for this, they follow sustainable business practices to create a sustainable future.

SAP’s message: “Making sustainability profitable and profitability sustainable”.

SAP Vision Statement

SAP’s vision is “To help the world run better and improve people’s lives.”

The company aims to create a world where there areZERO emissions, ZERO waste, and ZERO inequality.

Whether it is helping businesses minimize the greenhouse gas footprint, standing for racial and gender equality, encouraging innovation in business, or building a skilled and inclusive workforce, sustainability is at the core of SAP’s values. The company dreams of positive and healthy work and living environment. 

The company envisions a world that is not only greener and cleaner but also more equal than our present world. To make this dream a reality, the company wants to utilize technological advancements and innovation to help its clients run their businesses in the best way. As a result, these companies will make the world run better.

SAP Core Values 

Economical sustainability: The world often faces unpredictable problems because of a lack of natural resources, sometimes due to climatic changes. SAP has launched its circular economy policy to protect the world. According to this policy, businesses need to rethink their processes across the end-to-end supply chain management. By integrating SAP solutions, firms can do their bit to save the environment. 

Equality for all: Professionals from over 150 nations are working in SAP and ensures that employees are treated equally, no matter what. SAP follows a tough equality policy and provides a safe work environment where there is no discrimination on the basis of culture, race, age, gender, and sexual orientation. 

Social and inclusive entrepreneurship: SAP.iO No Boundaries is an initiative to encourage underrepresented entrepreneurs in the business software industry to achieve their dreams. The company aims at supporting 200 such startups globally by 2023. This is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive, inclusive entrepreneurship initiative.

Learning for Life: Through this program, SAP provides quality education and training to its customers, partners, developers, and employees so that they can excel in the digital world.  

Promote a healthy culture: SAP mission statement includes a policy for healthy work culture. SAP always promotes a caring culture for its employees and customers to keep them healthy. For their sustainability goals, they have launched SAP’s Global Health and well-being programs. People are now facing troubles because of various reasons, such as a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, climatic disasters, and increasing stress. As a result, mental health issues in employees can reduce the productivity of a business. SAP is committed to promoting a work culture where mental health disorders are eliminated.  

The new tagline, “The best-run businesses that make the world run better. The best-run SAP.”

SAP Headquarters – Walldorf, Germany

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