Ryanair Mission And Vision Statement Analysis

In 1985, Ryanair was the first set up by a small family, which still goes by the name “The Ryan Family.” At that time, the company had only 25 staff and one turbo aircraft named Bandeirante. The aircraft could carry only 15 passengers other than the crew members and the pilots. It was a daily flight between Waterford in Ireland to Gatwick in London. The next air, the airline company acquired two BAW748 turboprop aircraft, which carried an average of 82,000 passengers in a year. 

ryanair mission statement

As the years passed, Ryanair continued to grow as they bought more aircraft and hired more staff. But since Ryanair was a competitor of British Airways, it suffered huge losses due to the high-ticket fares and only a single operational route option between Dublin and London. The company changed its management team, cut down the ticket fares, and obtained Boeing 737 in 1994. It helped the company to serve over a million customers every year. 

During the early years of the 21st century, Ryanair established two major continental bases in Europe- the first was in Brussels, followed by Frankfurt. In 2019, Ryanair became the first company to release its CO2 emission report, which helped it to meet the international environmental safety standards. 

The company’s mission was to provide low-fare flight services to their customers without compromising their safety and comfort. Also, they focused on the company’s cost management by ensuring that the yearly revenues were profitable. Additionally, Ryanair envisioned becoming a futuristic airline company that offers premium services, and thus, it sees itself as the leading low-fare EU airline. 

Ryanair Mission statement 

Ryanair’s mission statement follows as “To offer low fares that generate increased passenger traffic while maintaining a continuous focus on cost containment and efficiency operation.

The mission statement of Ryanair describes its end goals that the company wants to achieve in the coming years. Even though the company suffered huge losses due to high tariffs, it again regained its popularity in the European airline market by changing its strategy of reducing air ticket pricing. 

Through Ryanair mission statement, the following messages can be deciphered.

Low air ticket fare

Ryanair focuses on bringing down airline ticket fares so that more and more people choose to fly with them. To achieve this mission, the company focuses on reducing the company’s expenses. With affordable flight prices, the company has been successful in its mission. Besides, it also keeps coming up with amazing deals like the Buy 1 Get 1 flight ticket for July 2021.

Increasing the passenger traffic 

As per its mission statement, Ryanair has been carrying millions of passengers year after year. To achieve this, the airline offers efficiency in operations, great customer service, affordable air tickets, and attractive offers. However, the company still aims to increase passenger traffic to retain a firm position in the airline industry against its competitors. 

Bringing efficiency in operation

Lastly, Ryanair desires to bring more efficiency in its airline operations. Whether it’s serving passengers, hiring more crew members, or acquiring advanced aircraft, they want to improve the business and make it more efficient. 

Ryanair Vision Statement 

Ryanair’s vision statement states that “Ryanair’s objective is to firmly establish itself as Europe’s leading low-fare scheduled passenger airline through continued improvements and expanded offerings of its low-fare service.” The vision statement signifies how Ryanair plans to expand its horizons of expansion and become one of the leading air service providers in Europe. 

Europe’s leading low-fare airline 

To attain this vision, it is clear that Ryanair is looking forward to improving its services, reducing ticket prices, offering suitable travel packages, and maintaining service efficiency, and many more. Apart from low fares, the company aims to perform well on all fronts like customer service, frequency of flights, onboard experience, and passengers’ safety.

Striving for improvement constantly

Ryanair works with a clear vision to improve on all fronts for sustaining success and taking it forward. Whether it is business management, finances management, organizational management, change management, strategic leadership, HR functions, or any other thing that matters.

Minimum environmental impact 

Ryanair is considered the greenest airline in Europe. They believe in environmental sustainability and to achieve this, they have invested in new technologies for aircraft engines that are both efficient and minimize environmental impact. Recently in 2019, Ryanair became the first EU airline that releases a CO2 emissions statistics report every month. This speaks about the company’s commitment to cut off carbon dioxide emissions without compromising the quality of the flights and aircraft safety and security. 

Becoming a low-fare airline company 

One of the prime messages derived from Ryanair’s vision statement is to become a leading airline company in the European continent that can offer travel tickets at fares lower than other airline companies. Besides, the company has made it clear that low-fare tickets will be offered without compromising the service quality and passenger safety during the flights. 

Ryanair Core values 

The core value of any organization must be in tune with the mission and vision. Here is a brief analysis of Ryanair core values that have kept the company going. Despite the pandemic striking of the airline industry, the company did not compromise on its core values and stuck to provide the passengers with lower fares. 

Ethical and Transparent

Ryanair believes strongly in ethical and transparent business practices. Employees are also encouraged to act with integrity as it affects the company’s credibility. The company has Ryanair’s Code of Business Conduct & Ethics in place that is reviewed annually. Moreover, the management ensures that the code is followed diligently.

Safety and Quality

Safety and quality is another key value the company abides by. It takes pride in its 34-year safety record. To ensure safety, they invest in the right equipment and training. They have a high-end safety management system, flight data monitoring system, trained aviation professionals, and more.

People and Social Management

The company is also involved in various charity partnerships, environmental partnerships, and is committed to social causes like supporting children, climate changes, saving dolphins, preserving Ireland’s woodland, saving wildlife, etc.

Saving planet

Ryanair is committed to saving nature by providing services that have a low impact on the environment. The company follows various operating and commercial policies to reduce fuel burn and emission per passenger, such as slimline seats, ground power units, high seat density, paperless cockpits, direct services to limit transfers and more.


In accordance with Ryanair mission and vision, it has successfully managed to become one of the leading European airlines in recent years. Presently, the airline company is operating flights to over 200 destinations in 35+ countries. The company plans to achieve excellence with innovation, compassion, intellect, transparency and honesty.

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