Mission Statement for the “Royal Canin” Company

Although there is a plethora of dog and cat food producers and distributors available on the market, yet there are not so many that offer food for dogs and cats at every stage of their life. This is what, among others, sets apart the Royal Canin Company. Royal Canin offers a wide assortment of food for dogs and cats of every age and also the ones with specific health conditions. One of the essential food supplements to ensure your pet has optimum coat, heart, joints, and immune system health is salmon oil for dogs. It can be purchased as a separate supplement, and it also can be found in most of the Royal Canin’s dog foods. 

It’s also important to know the practices, values, and purpose of Royal Canin in order to provide your pets with nothing but the best. Keep reading!

The Story Behind Royal Canin

Royal Canin was founded by veterinarian Jean Cathary in 1968 whose main aim was to provide cats and dogs with excellent quality food enriched with all the essential nutrients that are required for the growth and development of pets. This is the reason why it works closely with scientists, professional breeders, and veterinarians to always keep the quality of its products top-notch.

The Values of the Royal Canin Company

Royal Canin Company is a firm believer of knowledge, passion, and precision in their work while addressing the specific needs of every kind of dog and cat.

They also collaborate with professional breeders and scientists to deliver the cats and dogs their complete diet to ensure your pets live happier, healthier, and longer lives.

Royal Canin is well aware and quite considerate about addressing every pet’s needs therefore they make sure that every aspect of their products from digestibility, traceability, texture, and shape to safety is closely monitored.  

Ambitions of Royal Canin

Alongside providing the best nutritional food for pets and always innovating their products for continuous improvement, Royal Canin keeps working hard to meet other sustainability goals.  

To keep the environment protected, it has collaborated with a fisheries improvement program to replace the source of fish and seafood with another sustainable source without compromising on the nutrients.

Whereas, it also started sourcing 100% of the soy in compliance with the Brazil Forest Code to reduce the impact of deforestation. It also aims to reduce its carbon and water footprint by formulating new sourcing strategies.

Commitment to Food Quality and Safety

One of its aims is to provide your pets with magnificent quality food while ensuring no harm to their health at all. Hence, it is equipped with gold-standard production processes. All the buyers worldwide go through the same supplier selection process and purchasing process for raw materials as well to ensure top-notch nutritional values.

Before any of the shipment is entered in the factories, it is thoroughly checked and again this practice is done globally. This inspection is done in the innovative labs of Royal Canin that check for nutritional quality and food safety indicators to ensure your pets thrive and remain active in their activities.

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