Ross Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Ross Mission and Vision Statement Analysis


Ross Stores Inc, more commonly known as Ross Dress for Less, is an off-price retail chain with main offices located in California. The company as we know it today has existed since 1982 and, in just a bit less than half a century, grew to be one of the biggest retail chains in the nation. Ross Stores sells high-quality brands at more than affordable prices with the goal of helping customers save tons of money while having fun shopping at the same time. It has more than 1500 locations throughout the US and reports a yearly revenue of more than $15 billion. Keep on reading to learn more about Ross mission and vision statement, as well as about their core values.

Ross Mission Statement

Ross mission statement is “Ross is committed to creating value for our Associates and our communities and doing so with a high level of ethics and integrity. In addition to fulfilling our mission of offering customers the best name-brand bargains possible, we aim to empower our Associates, operate in ways that reduce our environmental impact, and give back to the communities where we conduct business.” Let’s see how Ross Stores implement these key pillars into their mission.

Offering the Best Bargains Possible

This one is pretty clear – Ross Stores operates for people who want to dress nice and save at the same time. This company manages to sell at low prices because they buy in bulk and directly from the manufacturers. Manufacturers need to get rid of their surplus of products every now and then. Ross Stores uses this fact to buy the excess products at large discounts so it can sell them for far cheaper than some other department stores do. 

Empowering Associates

Empowering associates implies creating a safe and fruitful environment for everyone involved in the success of Ross Stores. This also includes employees and customers who work and shop in a diverse and inclusive culture that makes sure they can grow and learn, both on a personal and a professional level. Ross Stores also provides amazing benefits to its employees, including competitive pay, training, scholarships, and promotions. This company believes that the only way to truly succeed is by empowering associates who can make it happen.

Supporting Communities

One of Ross Stores’ social responsibility commitments is centered around serving and helping the communities in which this company operates. Ross Stores does this by focusing on helping young people grow their lives and academic skills, partnering with national non-profit organizations, and providing relief in the case of natural and health disasters. This company has donated and raised millions of dollars for these causes and continues to contribute to good causes. 

Operating Sustainably 

Ross Stores acknowledges the impact that caring for our environment and nature can have. One of this company’s pillars is to operate sustainably, and they aim to achieve it by being transparent, meeting the requirements of the Paris Climate Agreement, as well as reducing carbon emissions and waste. 

Conducting Business Ethically 

Ross Stores is committed to conducting its business ethically. This company is taking several steps to achieve this mission. The first one is the diversity of the suppliers it buys from – Ross Stores manages to support minorities, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and more. The second one is this company’s approach to sourcing products. Ross Stores only works with vendors who comply with international, federal, state, and local laws when it comes to the manufacture of the products they make. The third part relates to governance and ethics, carefully detailed on the website. 

Giving Guidelines

Ross Stores also invests in the communities it serves. This company gives grants to organizations, government programs, and schools, as well as gift cards and support to those who are located within 25 miles of its stores. 

Ross Vision Statement

While Ross Stores doesn’t have an official vision statement, we can assume that the goal of this company is to continue succeeding with the help of its associates, employees, and customers. This company’s mission statement says a lot about what it plans to continue doing, including, but not limited to, selling products at low prices, helping the communities it serves, and nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone involved in the business. Ross Stores does all of this while complying with the law and ethical standards.

Ross Core Values

A successful company like Ross Dress for Less wouldn’t be able to operate at this high level without implementing core values into its work. Some of them are the culture of learning and respect, diversity and inclusion, as well as caring about associates and communities. All of them contribute to more than 100 000 people working together as a team in a pleasant and nurturing environment.

Culture of Learning and Respect

As the value itself says, Ross Stores continuously works on maintaining a culture of learning and respect in all of its locations. The leaders of the company are always looking to improve themselves in order to give the associates the opportunity to grow with them.

Diversity and Inclusion

Ross Stores is an incorporation committed to treating everyone fairly, respecting and welcoming differences, creating a working environment of dignity, respect, and support, and communicating respectfully. 

Caring About Associates and Communities

Ross Dress for Less knows the importance of helping and giving back. This is why the company cares about the communities it operates. 


Ross Dress for Less is one of the biggest and most successful retail chains in the US. Its mission is to offer the best bargains, empower associates, support communities, operate sustainably, and conduct business ethically. Its vision is not clearly stated, but one can assume that the company plans to continue achieving its mission. Ross Stores’ core values are creating a culture of learning and respect, diversity and inclusion, and caring about the communities it serves.

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