Relay For Life Mission Statement

Relay For Life is more than just a community-based fundraising event, it is a movement against the deadly and devastating results of cancer. The Relay committee works for the American Cancer Society and numerous other Cancer-related institutions and societies throughout the world. The Relay events are operated by volunteers that include survivors of cancer, social caregivers, and dedicated participants determined to fight against cancer. 

Relay For Life organizes exclusive public gatherings to promote cancer awareness, raise funds, and support society fight cancer. Every year, the organization arranges for more than 5,000 Relay events in over 20 global destinations. These events help amongst various strata and communities of the society like in universities, clubs, local communities, and even virtual campaigns amongst this pandemic situation. In the United States itself, over 4 million volunteers are linked with Relay for Life and participate in their events.

Relay For Life mission statement talks about celebrating the courage of cancer survivors, remembering the spirit of those who fought cancer bravely, and boost the spirits of families with cancer patients. They share similar experiences and motivate newly diagnosed patients. 

The primary mission of Relay is to raise funds for cancer treatment, fund cancer research, operate cancer caregiving centers, and improve the lives of cancer patients and their caretakers. Relay comes forward with a vision to promote a sense of hope, courage, determination to fight against cancer. 

In 1996 American Cancer Society recognized Relay for Life as the most successful fundraising event and was declared to be the signature event of the American Cancer Society. Over the years Relay For Life has been successfully turning new milestones with each event. 

Relay For Life Mission Statement

Relay for Life mission statement is “The hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.”

Relay operates dedicatedly for global awareness against cancer, motivates people, and raises funds to fight against cancer. The small initiate of Dr. Gordon back in 1985 when he walked 83 miles and raised $27,000 to fight cancer made its way to the budding of Relay For Life. The movement has not stopped since then, it has rather expanded. 

Today, Relay for Life operates as a grassroots movement volunteering to raise not only funds but even spirits to fight back the odds of cancer. It spreads the messages of the American Cancer Society, through its eventful awareness programs, in colleges, clubs, universities, rally, etc. 

As per b Relay for Life mission statement, the sole mission of their workmanship is promoting general awareness among people by bringing together survivors and warriors of cancer. It educates people through campaigns on how to fight cancer, how to keep oneself motivated, and fight against the deadly disease. Increased awareness increases not only survival instinct and courage, but helps to raise fund and to utilize it to help those whose lives are devastated with this disease. It promotes a simple message of extending your little gesture of help to the needful. 

Relay For Life works to unite different communities to celebrate cancer fighters, survivors, remember the loss of loved ones, also intriguingly empowers the inner strength of friends and families of cancer patients, and raises money for the cure of cancer. 

Relay For Life has achieved great success by raising millions of dollars by organizing Relay events throughout the United States. It is continuously expanding its events organizations throughout the world and has initiated work in 20 other countries as well, an unending motion to fight against cancer and to end cancer. 

Relay for Life Vision Statement

Relay for Life Vision is to celebrate the zeal and courage of cancer survivors, to reach out to all cancer patients in need of help, both moral and financial, and thereby raise not only funds but also spread the movement against cancer disease. Relay strongly believes that all of us at some of the time has been moved by cancer of our loved ones, family, friends, or colleagues and therefore organizes a wide range of events and ceremonies.

Remember: Relay pays special homage to those who lost their lives to cancer through a ceremony organized at dusk at every event. This is called the Luminaria Ceremony. Candles are lighted in the memory of loved ones who lost their lives to cancer. These candles glow around the track throughout the night with names imprinted on every luminaria to remember and salute the spirit of those who survived. 

Celebrate: Relay organizes Survivor Ceremony to celebrate the lives and spirit of those who successfully battled against cancer. Both cancer survivors and their caregivers are specially invited for an exclusive lap around the tracks of the event venue and offered refreshments. 

Funds Help: Relay for Life goes beyond just remembering and celebrating. Their donation raising individual and club campaigns involve inviting volunteers to take up fundraising initiatives.

Fight Back: Relay desperately seeks to defeat the shackles of cancer and stand by all those who have been touched by cancer disease. The Fight Back Ceremony invites all participants to stay committed to the cause by promoting awareness programs of cancer, early diagnosis, treatments of cancer, advocate for improved treatment, accessibility to healthcare facilities, and promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle. All volunteers are humbly invited to be part of the fund-raising mission in association with the American Cancer Society.

Relay for Life Core Values

Relay for Life Values revolves around the dedication of making a difference to the world of cancer patients and their families by inspiring them and providing financial support to fight back cancer. Relay invites everyone in the community to take a front step, join hands and help for a dedicated motion of creating a cancer-free future. It uplifts and boosts the spirits of survivors, volunteers, and caregivers for teaming up to create a humble force to raise funds through local Relay for Life events as well as virtual events. 

Brings Together: Relay desperately stands up for a belief of gathering all survivors, warriors, and fighters of cancer together as participants as well as volunteers to dedicate a commitment to fight against cancer, save lives and inspire others to stand strong while they fight against cancer. 

Fights for a Motion: Relay organizes events to fulfill this commitment and raises funds to help cancer patients and their caregivers. It also organizes events to brings all those who have been touched by the trauma, stress, and fighting off cancer, patients, caregivers, family, friends to share their experiences and inspire. 

The objective of Relay for Life is: 

  • To reach out a helping hand and a relieving shoulder to every cancer patient and caregiver. 
  • The Relay For Life movement dedicates its events to help and motivate communities to fight and attack cancer. 
  • Relay works to raise donation funds, encourages the community to come up with their time to share feelings, remember those who lost to cancer. 
  • Rally For Life, therefore, works to make a difference to the life of cancer touched people, either through events or virtual events too. 

Global Headquarters

The American Cancer Society has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. They have over 350 offices nationwide.

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