Reddit Mission Statement Analysis

Reddit Mission Statement


Hundreds of groups, endless debates, countless discussions, and genuine human relationships are what Reddit is all about. Two college buddies, Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian, created Reddit in 2005. Every day in a community organized around their interests millions of individuals worldwide publish, vote, and discuss. The site was designed to facilitate any sort of information, news, sports, TV fan theories, or an inexhaustible supply of the cutest and funniest animal videos. 

The core objective of establishing Reddit was to provide a platform to the users to learn about the surrounding things. It provides an innovative platform where people of the same interest group can connect, discuss, and present their views. Over the years, Reddit has garnered a huge customer base. 

With over 52 million daily active users, Reddit has become the 6th most-visited website in the United States of America and the 19th most-visited website globally as per the last results published by Alexa Internet for September 2021. Its mission and futuristic vision have played a key role in this; let’s dig a bit deeper into Reddit mission and vision. 

Reddit Mission Statement

Reddit mission statement is “On Reddit, users can be themselves, learn about the world around them, and be entertained by the content created and shared by our global community.”

It unquestionably varies from other social networking sites. The primary distinction is the community ideals. Reddit contributes to the community and the lives of others and other people’s experiences. The goal is to create value in the community, hence it’s not about you (the user) but it’s about the group.

By offering items, links, photos, and videos, one can exchange information in communities around their interests. Here, millions of individuals worldwide write, vote, and discuss each day. There’s a dedicated subreddit for people to share photoshopped images, share tales, etc. Each specialized community has its own rules, etiquette, followers, and postings. If you do not find any subreddit that you are looking for, Reddit gives the freedom to its members to create a subreddit and start sharing.

Overall, Reddit has become one such platform where you will be voted down for posting useless selfies. However, the vote banks will go up if people share entertaining stuff. The forum with its “Reddit Karma” wants to make this world a much better place by bringing people from various communities together. 

Reddit Vision Statement

The future plans of Reddit point towards the fact how much it values its employees and wants to expand internationally.

Reddit vision statement main points: 

·       The CEO of Reddit is rethinking the future of workplace life. 

The vast majority of Reddit employees want both home and office independence; hence the workplace has been redesigned like a coffee shop where people come, meet, sit together, work as much as they like or as little as they want and go. Reddit is planning to offer its employees where they want to work in the future. 

·       Reddit has secured funding to continue its expansion plans. 

Reddit raised $250 million via Series E funding round earlier this year (Feb 2021). They invested wisely in the company’s future development, including international expansion, new ways to create a community, and backing of advertising offers and competencies. Reddit has progressed greatly from appointing the first Chief Financial Officer and developing an extensive financial function to growing on all fronts in the UK, Canada, Australia, and other prospective countries globally. 

Reddit Core Values 

Reddit core values help everyone in the company to be mindful of how they work amongst each other and how they interact with the community and society. 

They value users’ privacy, freedom of expression, diversity and inclusion, and humanity. They encourage a work culture where there is flexibility to work from home or office and organize team-building events as well.

Reddit core values are:  

  • Always be human: This value reminds everybody to keep humanity alive in themselves and be compassionate and empathetic towards fellow humans. 
  • Freedom of speech: The whole idea of Reddit is to create a community where there is inclusiveness with a mindset that everyone is different and has different perspectives and viewpoints. 
  • Freedom of space: Reddit believes that no one has the right to invade users’ privacy. Any information shared is confidential, and using it against the will of the person is breaching their space. 
  • Freedom to research: Reddit encourages its employees and members alike to try new things, step out of their comfort zone and come with new ideas, no matter how big or small they are. 
  • Freedom of making a decision: One must focus on making the right decisions keeping the betterment of the community in mind.  
  • Freedom to be the doers: It promotes its members to try new things without fearing the outcome.
  • The spirit of Lambeosaurus lives on in all of us: Have fun in whatever one does, as only then it will not feel burdensome. 


To conclude, Reddit is an amazing platform that encourages people to come together for entertainment and the spirit of the community. One must not be afraid to portray oneself as he is. It reminds everyone that life is a celebration even in times of failure, as it’s the experience that matters.