Raytheon Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Raytheon mission Statement is “to be the most admired defense and aerospace systems company through our world-class people, innovation and technology.” The statement has the following main parts:

  1. Defending the world
  2. Promoting innovation

As one of the most dynamic defense system companies, Raytheon has proven that it is committed to the global safety and stability through the services it provides. The company has been credited for the creation of reliable missile defenses, sensors and imaging, and cybersecurity. It dedicates its efforts in these areas to ensure that the governments have a capacity to protect the world. Raytheon relies on its ability to spur innovations to stay ahead of everyone else in this industry. As a result, it influences some of the best security-related designs for its clients.


Raytheon is a defense-based corporation that has constantly affirmed its position in the weaponry and military products through its innovations. The company established a high profile in Cambridge in 1922 through its S gas discovery and its application in world wars. Since then, Raytheon has expanded its activities and electronic dominance with its mission and vision statements ensuring that it maintains its focus. A corporate mission statement identifies the critical growth strategies of a business, while a corporate vision statement determines the developmental path.

In this case, the Raytheon vision statement emphasizes the impact of the global solutions that the company provides. On the other hand, the mission statement affirms the place of innovation and its expertise in the continued development of this company. Other than these two corporate statements, Raytheon also has a set of core values. These influences the culture of the corporation and contributes to its success.

Vision Statement

Raytheon vision statement is “one global team creating trusted, innovative solutions to make the world a safer place.” The following are the main parts of this statement:

  1. One global team
  2. Trusted solutions

As shown by the first part, Raytheon draws its experts globally to ensure that it taps from the very best. This is what has given it an edge in innovations today. The second component is a reflection of the business brand that the company has created. It proves that Raytheon emphasizes on tested and proven solutions to create trust among its clients.

Core Values

Raytheon core values include “trust, respect, collaboration, innovation, and accountability.”

To consistently stay at the top, Raytheon needs principles that influence all the practices and operations in its organization. These core values are invaluable for the company as they create a winning mentality among its workforce.


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