Ralph Lauren Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Ralph Lauren mission statement is synonymous with its purpose, which is “to inspire the dream of a better life through authenticity and timeless style.” The prowess of this company in the production of trendy and in-demand fashions is a reflection of this statement. The outlined components clarify this mission statement:

  1. Distinguished quality
  2. Improving lives

Quality has been a constant factor that characterizes Ralph Lauren brand since its early days. In fact, the company is described as a designer and distributor of premium lifestyle products. Its ability to recognize and incorporate the identity of different societies in its product categories has been critical in boosting the confidence of its customers not only in America but at the global level.


Ralph Lauren is one of the many companies that can attest to the power of corporate statements in its dominance for over 50 years. The renowned American fashion corporation has a rich history of having started with designer ties and working its way up to include a variety of clothing and accessories for all genders and ages. Today, the corporation is described as the custodian of the American perspectives due to its distinctive understanding of fashion needs in the region. Corporate statements give a company both the direction, through the vision, and means to get things done, through the mission.

In this case analysis of Ralph Lauren, the vision statement is all about leadership and dominance of the fashion industry. On the other hand, the mission statement emphasizes on the importance of understanding the subtle desires of the clients during the design processes. These concepts are further supported by the core values, as they create an ideal working environment where everyone can achieve their potentials.

Vision Statement

Ralph Lauren vision statement is “to be a global leader in the design, marketing, and distribution of premium lifestyle products.” Though this is not the official statement, it represents everything the company seeks to achieve. It comprises of two main parts:

  1. A global leader
  2. Premium lifestyle merchandises

Today, this company has proven its versatility and dominance in the fashion sector having conquered many markets beyond the American one. It has, in fact, transformed itself as a global brand through its high-quality products under several distinct brand names such as Lauren Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Double RL, and Chaps among others.

Core Values

Ralph Lauren core values include “speed and innovation, teamwork, and transparency.” The adoption of these values is informed by the recognition that, to become a winning brand, this company needs a supportive and progressive working environment.


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