Puma Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Puma mission statement is “to be the fastest sports brand in the world” The company emphasizes on the seamless understanding of market dynamics to stay ahead of its competitors in this statement. The following components represent this statement:

  1. Fastest sports brand
  2. Global reach

In this first component, the emphasis is on the expected culture of leadership. In fact, the mantra of Puma states that it should aim to remain “Forever Faster” as this is the most strategic way of outwitting competitors. The company acknowledges that to preserve the position of its brand, it must stimulate creativity, maintenance of high quality and maximization of all other aspects of its operations. Moreover, it also promotes continued marketing of its products in new markets to globalize its brand.


Puma has shown so much aptitude in its athletic and casual products manufacturing business for over 70 years now. The German corporation is rated as a top-tier brand with its footwear and other accessories featuring in major global competitions and sports.

The ability of Puma to maintain its reputation for such a long time is as a result of the mission and vision statements. Both focus on the company being a leader in the sportswear industry. A corporate vision statement sets an achievable future goal. For Puma, its vision statement centers on the company’s transition into a leading global brand and commanding the markets. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement dictates what a company does to progress towards its vision.

In the case of Puma, its mission statement is to comprehensively cover the athletic market and ensure customers have access to all products and accessories. Puma also benefits from its core values as they set and maintain its development momentum. Today, this company has become strategic with its business operations due to the specificity of these corporate statements.

Vision Statement

Puma vision statement is “to be the most desirable and sustainable Sport lifestyle company in the world.” The statement has these parts:

  1. Desirable and sustainable
  2. Sports lifestyle

The company strives to set a high bar in the quality that it provides, and by doing so, satisfies all its stakeholders. To become a sports lifestyle, Puma prioritizes on making its products inseparable from the conventional life of its customers.

Core Values

Puma core values comprise “be brave, confident, determined, and joyful.”  The company adopted the values that characterize the best athletes in the world to make it clear that this brand is at the same level. That is its identity.


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