Proud Boys Mission Statement Analysis

Proud Boys Mission Statement


Proud Boys was founded in 2016 by Gavin McInnes who is a Canadian-British right-wing activist. It is an all-male neo-fascist unconventional group known for its anti-Muslim and misogynistic rhetoric. However, Proud Boys claimed to be western chauvinists who do not apologize for creating the modern world; they claim to be alt-lite. The current leader of the group is Enrique Tarrio, a Cuban American of Afro-Cuban background. He claimed in an interview that Proud Boys prohibit any kind of racism, white supremacy, and any violent activity. The name Proud Boys is inspired by the Disney movie Alladin’s song. 

Proud Boys Mission Statement 

In Gavin McInnes’s words, Proud Boys is a “pro-western fraternity” of boys, which was essentially a club formed for male bonding, socializing, and celebrating western culture. 

The group members come from different ethnic backgrounds. A lot has been said about the activities of this group, and the leaders of the group claim this organization to be anti-racist. 

It has been seen as a gang of boys who have been involved in violent acts, although Proud Boys has stated and insisted that they only acted in self-defense. They are currently seen as a volunteer security force for GOP and right-wing fight club. They recruit 15-30-year-old males who come from the suburbs.

They are often seen doing public rallies and protests and also engage in violent activities. Few characteristics of Proud Boys are:

  • Loyalty oath
  • Getting punched
  • Getting a tattoo and promising not to “polishing the banister
  • Not to get involved in a major fight for the cause

Proud Boys greet each other with the word “Uhuru!”. The word comes from the East African language known as Swahili, meaning freedom. It was taken from a video showing African activists calling whites to make reimbursement for African American slavery. 

Women have their group too, which is known as Proud Boys’ Girls. The girls who are part of this group want to be recognized based on their relationship with men. Most of the female members of Proud Boys’ Girls are wives and girlfriends of proud boys.    

Proud Boys Vision Statement

Proud Boys’ ideology, as mentioned on Wikipedia, is Anti-feminism, Anti-LGBT rights, Anti-semitism, Chauvinism, Islamophobia, Neo-fascism, and Trumpism. Their activities revolve around these ideologies.

The Proud Boys got attention when President Trump asked them to “stand back, and stand by.” They were also seen doing anti-lockdown protests during the pandemic. They have also been part of many violent protests like in August 2020 when they fought with counter-protesters in Portland, Oregon.

McInnes has often encouraged harsh/brutal tactics to deal with the Proud Boys’ sworn enemies. 

Proud Boys Core Values 

This section discusses the Proud Boys core values. Proud boys believe that white men and their western culture are endangered. However, it is currently viewed as an alt-right extremist group, but it has denied any connection with white men’s alt-right extremist group. To distant Proud Boys from extremist groups, McInnes announced that those who would get in trouble with any non-white people would be disavowed. The group focuses on anti-political correctness and anti-white guilt. 


With a mission to promote western culture and enhance male bonding, the Proud Boys group is one of its kind and has gained enormous popularity mostly in the wrong ways.

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  1. Miller Avatar

    I want to hear what the Proud Boys say about themselves instead of what Wikipedia or the SPLC accuses them of believing. As a journalist, I do direct research & do not rely on the opinion of others about an organization.

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