Planned Parenthood Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Planned Parenthood mission statement vision statement

Planned Parenthood mission statement is “To provide comprehensive reproductive and complementary health care services in settings which preserve and protect the essential privacy and rights of each individual; To advocate public policies which guarantee these rights and ensure access to such services; To provide educational programs which enhance understanding of individual and societal implications of human sexuality; To promote research and the advancement of technology in reproductive health care and encourage understanding of their inherent bioethical, behavioral, and social implications.” The company has one of the most comprehensive mission statement spelling out every action the facility uses to advance healthcare and improve the patient experience. It has the following specific components:

  1. Simplifying healthcare. Reproductive health has particularly been one of the most controversial forms of care across the globe. The sensitivity accompanied by how the care is provided is a major concern that Planned Parenthood has struggled to address through its integrated systems. The company recognizes how important access to the associated services is for everyone, and that is the primary reason it highly values privacy and respect in all its facilities.
  2. Improving communities. Planned Parenthood states that there would be no stability in communities in the absence of decent reproductive care, yet this is one sector that has been seriously overlooked. By directing all its resources to address the gaps that exist in this sector, Planned Parenthood directly influences the health of the communities. It also goes ahead to reach out and influence care at the ground level within these communities through a variety of approaches. Some of these comprise sex education in villages, neighborhoods, and education institutions.
  3. Improvement of healthcare. To satisfy this factor, Planned Parenthood does more than providing healthcare. The institution is passionate about research. In fact, the facility has been accredited for emerging as a research-oriented entity in matters of reproductive health and communities. Planned Parenthood also recognizes the role of technological advancements such as convenient apps in the services it provides. In relation to this, the company has been largely involved in programs that seek to design and come up with effective devices to improve the level of care.


Planned Parenthood’s mission and vision statements show two elements that the company stands for – authority and sensitivity to the needs of its patients in reproductive health. The mere presence and absolute emphasis of these two have strategically positioned Planned Parenthood in the healthcare sector.

The facility has won the trust of many patients in the United States and across the globe because of the nature of its respect and confidentiality as contained in its two corporate statements, and most of all, as part of the core values of the company. A corporate mission statement is a precise explanation of the reasons for the existence of a company, its customers, and products, as well as the goals it seeks to accomplish. 

Planned Parenthood has an elaborate mission statement that emphasizes on the various services that the facility offers, and their projected impact on the welfare of the patients. On the other hand, a corporate vision statement is essentially a definition of where the company looks to be in the near future. The vision statement of Planned Parenthood does exactly that.

It states how the company is poised to influence the reproductive health care in the world such that everyone gains access to the appropriate care without any limitations whatsoever. The role of core values cannot be overlooked in the case of Planned Parenthood.

Core values are guiding principles that lead to the establishment of a definitive internal culture in an organization. Planned Parenthood greatly benefits from these principles that also boost how well the company fulfills its mission and vision statements.

Vision Statement

Planned Parenthood’s vision statement is “Access for all to quality reproductive health care without judgment and with respect.” The statement speaks about the projected influence the institution wants to have in the reproductive health sector for all its patients. It is an indication that Planned Parenthood commands some level of authority in this sector. It has the following characteristics:

  1. Accessibility of care. Planned Parenthood understands that reproductive care, especially quality one, is often rare in most facilities. To address this, the company has numerous branches across the globe and offers some of the most competitive and patient-friendly rates. In addition to this, the facility does not want its client’s need for care to be limited by geographical barriers by creating a system where patients can easily get the care they need online.
  2. Care without judgment and with respect. To emphasize the sensitivity of reproductive care, Planned Parenthood has nurtured a culture that prioritizes privacy and respect for all. Within this facility, clients can freely make an appointment, get the services they require, without being taken through unnecessary and humiliating processes. In fact, there is no wait whatsoever as the interview timelines are strictly respected. The priority goes to ensuring the customers are treated in the most comfortable settings and at their convenience.

Core Values

Planned Parenthood core values include “access, activism, care, confidentiality, diversity, excellence, integrity, respect, self-determination, and stewardship.” It is clear from the emphasis of who we are by Planned Parenthood that the company takes its values seriously. They are the foundation of the institution and have seen it rise to dine among the best healthcare facilities across the globe.

Planned Parenthood culture is based on having its doors wide open for everyone to gain access to reproductive care that they need. Its policies state that everyone is equal and deserves respectful care irrespective of where they are, and this has been the base on the campaigns that the facility advances globally. A look at Planned Parenthood reveals a practice that seeks to enhance the confidence of its patients through highly trained experts who are aware of the needs for both quality and customer-focused care. The inclusivity of the company especially in employing people from diverse backgrounds adds to this reputation, which also shows how determined the company is to be a servant to all its patients.


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