Planet Fitness Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Planet Fitness mission statement vision statement

Planet Fitness’ mission statement is “to enhance people’s lives by providing a high-quality fitness experience in a welcoming, non-intimidating environment, which we call the Judgement Free Zone, where anyone – and we mean anyone – can feel they belong.” The mission statement indicates that the primary focus of the business is the customer. It also shows that its business model is all about changing the status quo by bringing a new feel in the health and fitness centers. It has the outlined characteristics:

  1. Improving health. Planet Fitness foundation as a fitness center was informed by the need to give everyone an opportunity to not only get their bodies back into shape but also to generally promote healthy living and nutrition. The company recognizes the link between health and fitness and understands the complexities that surround the satisfaction of this need. It, therefore, came in to act as a motivator and guide for ensuring clients get the best assistance and services possible as they embark on their fitness journey. The company does this through organized and structured training sessions in its various centers. 
  2. Improving communities. The second characteristic closely relates to the first one because, by providing the best training environment and improving peoples’ health, Planet Fitness actively participates in improving the overall wellness of communities. In addition to keeping people fit and productive, the conducive and bias-free environment created by the company serves as an ideal place for people to interact. As a result, the company indirectly encourages the creation of relationships ranging from personal to a business one. There are many other initiatives targeting the neighborhoods where Planet Fitness centers are including its famed ‘take a stand against bullying’ among other corporate social responsibility empowering programs.
  3. Distinguished prices. To satisfy this characteristic of its mission statement, Planet fitness adopted a unique business model dubbed the low-cost commercial approach. The idea was to do away with the high prices, which were the order of the day for gyms in the U.S., and in this way, opened up access to all individuals. Lowering charges to affordable scales is one of the strategies that has given the company significant milestones over the early established brand, so much that it has outshined most in what it does. In fact, Planet Fitness is currently top among the most sought-after fitness centers in the U.S.


Planet Fitness is a company whose mission and vision statements have transformed the reputation of the enterprise making it the leader in the fitness centers franchising. Particularly, the focus on the difference that the company makes in the lives of its client is what sets the mission and vision statement of Planet Fitness apart from other players in the industry.

The company adopts a business strategy that focusses on increasing accessibility of health and fitness services for all through controlled price reduction. Perhaps, the high-quality services in comparison to the price of this company are the most attractive element of Planet Fitness as captured by the corporate statements of the company. And, this is what has prompted the rapid growth from a small struggling gym to owning over 76 corporate centers across the U.S and partnering with many other investors in slightly above 25 years.

Planet Fitness’ mission and vision statement also point to the growth potential of this company. Ideally, while the mission statement outlines the activities that lead to the achievement of set goals and objectives of a company, the vision statement identifies the developmental path or a future. Both mission and vision statements adopted by Planet Fitness conform to these concepts.

For instance, the mission statement reflects what the company does to promote its brand, while the vision statement points at the leadership role the company assumes in the health and fitness industry. In addition, core values are part and parcel of the success of this company so far. They serve as the lubricant that enables the cogs, mission and vision statements, to run smoothly and facilitate the growth of Planet Fitness.

Vision Statement

Planet Fitness’ vision statement can be adopted from the purpose of the company which is “to provide a workout environment in which anyone – and everyone – can be comfortable.” The statement highlights the desire of the company to distinguish itself as a role model for the rest by creating the best fitness environment. This is what leadership in an industry is like, something that Planet Fitness has mastered over the years. The statement has two features:

  1. Provide an ideal workout environment
  2. Make everyone comfortable

The primary goal presented in this vision statement is the provision of a place where all individuals feel comfortable to do what they like when it comes to fitness activities. Planet Fitness found a way of meeting all these needs through its format and attitude characterized by a non-intimidating culture within its facilities. The concept arose from the need to incorporate other gym enthusiasts other than the renowned bodybuilders. By changing the norms of the gym to those that favor everyone rather than the professional, Planet Fitness captures a vast market for itself leading to the rapid growth of its brand.

Core Values

Planet Fitness’ core values comprise “excellence, integrity, respect, transparency, and passion.” The internal corporate culture at this company is without a doubt a unique one. The ability to run a company based on principles such as the one that Planet Fitness is an indication of a strong culture and all this is supported by the core values of the company.

At Planet Fitness, everything is done with absolute transparency. The company encourages its clients to have an open mind and speak out for themselves to ensure they have maximum experience within its facilities. By doing so, the employees and the workers learn about each other and cultivate respect for all. Moreover, Planet Fitness has grown in reputation because of its principle of excellence especially while taking its clients through their fitness journey. Such a capability can only be achieved when there is a passion for everyone involved in the process, just as is at Planet Fitness.


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  1. Ufimceva Avatar

    Part of the reason I’d joined Planet Fitness is because calling out obnoxious behavior is part of its mission statement. Its tagline is “a judgement-free zone.” It has a “ lunk alarm ” near its free-weight section, which supposedly goes off when a guy is trying to show off and drop weights that are too heavy for him. And yet, I’ve never felt more judged than within that gym’s walls — and all I was doing was walking to the locker room. Last month, during what would end up being my final trip to the gym, the catcalling pushed me over the edge. In addition to the usual commenting from weight lifters, a guy actually stopped working out and noticeably stared at me each time I passed him, his head pivoting like that girl from

  2.  Avatar

    Not really sure your latest commercial, where it seems planet fitness is making fun of ,people who have a diffrent exercise strategy than your company does.,does this really the way you want your clients laughed at?

  3. Robert Avatar

    You should complain, not let it go like that. You took the time to write this but not send a complaint letter to manager? Why?

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