PetSmart Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

PetSmart mission statement is “we believe pets make us better people. That’s why we create more moments for people to be inspired by pets.” The company acknowledges the role of pets in peoples lives. As a result, its mission statement contributes to:

  1. Improvement of lives
  2. Exceeding expectations

Pet care and products are the primary approaches that PetSmart uses to not only improve the lives of the pets, but also those of their owners. The rise of this company made it technically easy to own and live with different types of pets in the U.S and Canada due to the wide range of services the company offers. Some of these include grooming and veterinary care. Over time, PetSmart has expanded and incorporated much more fun-filled activities such as training of pets and organizing doggie day camps for crate memories for its clients.


PetSmart is one of the few retail chain enterprises in Canada and the U.S. specializing in pet care and pet products. The 1986 founded company has gained recognition as the leading pets-oriented entity, with its mission and vision statement making its primary duty and ambitions known. The use of these corporate tools to guide the establishment has seen it rise as a top brand in the pet care industry.

The corporate vision statement specifically zeroes on creating the best relationships between pets and their caregivers. Similarly, the mission statement recognizes the inseparable bond between pets and people, and that is why the company does everything to create memorable moments. The support that PetSmart gets from its core values positions it even more strategically in the market as they improve the image of the company.

Vision Statement

PetSmart vision statement is “every day with every connection, PetSmart’s passionate associates help bring pet parents closer to their pets so they can live more fulfilled lives.” Maximizing experiences is surely a priority for this company. That is why this statement zeros on the following parts.

  1. Creating lasting connections
  2. Promote more fulfilled lives

The adoption program is one of the many ways through which PetSmart stimulates and maintains lasting connections between pets and pet parents. The company indicates that it has, in fact, creates over 8.5 million such connections by finding an equal number of pets homes. All these are adoptable pets that light up the lives of individuals improving their quality of life.

Core Values

PetSmart main core value is “caring.” This is the foundation of the organization. The company demonstrates this virtue in how it treats both its customers and pets. Today, it is famed to have the best culture in the industry.


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