Penn State Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Penn State mission statement is that it “educates students from Pennsylvania, the nation and the world, and improves the well-being and health of individuals and communities through integrated programs of teaching, research, and service.” The facility demonstrates its capability by:

  1. Offering distinguished services
  2. Exceeding expectations

The education programs in Penn State are structured with a consideration of the needs and preferences of the learners. In addition to its 17, 000 staff and faculty on 24 campuses, Penn State enriches its programs with the most updated information, together with healthy interactions between the students and other members of the institution. Beyond educating and training, Penn State actively engages with society. At this level, it extends its resources, skills, and research for the benefit of both the local and global communities making it a reputable facility.


Pennsylvania State University, Penn State, is a highly-rated institution of higher learning in the United States. The mission and vision statements applied by this facility have enabled it to consistently remain part of the top 1% of global universities due to its emphasis on quality education and research.  A corporate vision statement is crucial as it sets the ambitions of an institution. The corporate mission statement, on the other hand, determines the strategies of achieving the established vision.

For Penn State, the vision statement considers leadership and excellence in the education sector as its most important aspiration. To pursue it, the mission statement emphasizes on being a holistic-kind of learning institution that goes beyond the bare minimum in its service. To maintain its position in the sector, Penn State also takes advantage of its core values. In fact, they work seamlessly with the mission and vision statements to improve the rating of this university.

Vision Statement

Penn State vision statement is “to advance education through research, innovations, and strategic interaction with the community we serve.” This is the implied, and not the official vision statement of Penn State. It has two key components:

  1. Research and innovation
  2. Community interaction

Innovative research is undoubtedly the top priority of Penn State. In fact, the facility is leading in the creation of novel techniques to treat diseases and grow crops in the contemporary era. All these developments make the University a critical part of society.

Core Values

Penn State core values include “respect, integrity, community, discovery, learning organization, responsibility, and excellence.” To become a seasoned institution, Penn State acknowledges the invaluable role that its core values play. They create an influential culture that gives it an identity.


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