NYPD Mission Statement

nypd mission statement

Established in 1845, the New York Police Department is one of the oldest municipal police departments in the United States. The establishment has sworn to protect the citizens of New York City. The NYPD protects more than 8.5 million people of New York with 35000+ officers on duty and nearly 20,000 civilian officers working behind the scenes. With the lowest crime rate in the last 25 years among the top 25 cities years across the country, NYPD has been achieved to NYPD mission and vision that keeps them committed.

NYPD Mission Statement

NYPD mission statement says, “The mission of the New York City Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in New York City by working in partnership with the community to enforce the law, preserve peace, protect the people, reduce fear, and maintain order.”

The New York Police Department personnel have sworn to make New York City the safest city in the country and also across the globe. They believe that this goal can be achieved only by working with the community. They aim to make the streets of New York City free of any crime and safe for every citizen is by preserving the law by doing the right thing. Furthermore, they thrive on being the officers of the law and the city’s protectors by maintaining law and order, which helps in reducing and slowly eradicating the fear, thus making the city a better place to live. 

The New York Police Department comprises men and women from various backgrounds and ethnicities. They have the authority to nab people who violate the law and disturb the peace and order of the community. Their mission is to protect the people of the city by ensuring that the law is being followed. Basically, the NYPD mission statement highlights all the duties of the New York City Police Department.

The statement also emphasizes that it is completely dedicated to achieving its mission with the help of citizens. The New York Police Department has employed ununiformed civilians as well, and this is how the NYPD works closely with the community. The civilians engage as safety agents for school children, traffic agents for highways and the busy streets of the city, etc., in various parts of the city to ensure everyone is safe.

NYPD Vision Statement

NYPD vision statement says, “The New York City Police Department strives to foster a safe and fair City by incorporating Neighborhood Policing into all facets of Department operations and solve the problems that create crime and disorder through an interdependent relationship between the people and its police, and by pioneering strategic innovation.”

NYPD believes in making the community safe with neighborhood policing. The idea is to work together to eliminate the factors that make the city unsafe. This helps build strong relationships between the people of law and the community, making NYPD the strongest and biggest police force globally. 

NYPD Core Values

Keeping their mission and vision for the city, The New York Police Department pledges to:

  • Have law and order across the city to save and defend the lives of the citizens and the properties of New York City.
  • To be fair and unbiased while pursuing the people who break the law and indulge in criminal activities, no matter how small or big the crime is.
  • To work with integrity, as the community looks up to the NYPD personnel team. 
  • Conducting themselves with utmost respect and dignity.


Being the oldest and the very first police department set up in the United States, NYPD has been the source of inspiration for other police departments across the country. The NYPD vision helps the department achieve its mission by implementing various strategies to ensure law and order in the city. To conclude, it can be said that NYPD is committed to its mission and vision and will continue to do so.

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