NHS (National Health Service) Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

NHS mission statement is “to provide care and services that we and our families would want to use.” The specificity of what NHS does is the focus of this statement. It comprises of these main components:

  1. Improving health
  2. Improving communities

In the first component, NHS (National Health Service) has structured its websites in such a way that its clients can access information easily to inform them about the best health and well-being choices. The company also adds other tools to improve the lifestyle of its customers, including directions on exercise, sexual health, and healthy body among many others. The second component is a direct consequence of the first one. NHS enhances the wellness of the communities it serves by provision of comprehensive social care guides. The firm has designed some of the most efficient materials to offer its clients the most appropriate day to day living assistance as well as available options for support.


National Health Service (NHS) has transformed the packaging and dissemination of health information as guided by its mission and vision statements. The site has proven effective in this duty since its foundation in 1948 by Aneurin Bevan led by specific corporate tools. While a corporate vision statement determines the future goals of a company, the corporate mission statement brings the strategies to achieve it.

In this case of NHS, its vision statement is all about being a dependable source of health information. On the other hand, the mission statement emphasizes on the applicability of the services that it provides while ensuring they are the most ideal ones. NHS growth so far is also as a result of its carefully chosen core values. They ensure that the company is in such a position that it can achieve its mission and vision statements.

Vision Statement

NHS vision statement is “enabling people to live healthier and more independent lives through high-quality seamless care.” This statement emphasizes on the gains that its clients gain from the information and choices it provides. The following components explain it:

  1. Prioritizing healthier lives
  2. High-quality care

NHS (National Health Service) is famed for its sensitivity to the information that it provides to the people it serves. The company shows that it prioritizes the health of the UK lives by ensuring that it does not leave anyone unattended. Similarly, in the second component, the company goes out of its way to bring only scientifically backed advice and recommendations. Such a commitment proves that it is a quality-led corporation, and that is why it has a reputation for providing the best care.

Core Values

NHS core values comprise “care, respect, and communication.” To remain stable and consistent in its mandate, NHS requires a dependable internal culture. It has managed to achieve this through these core values.

The company not only cares for its clients but also its workforce. A review of its policies shows that there is no discrimination whatsoever. The fact that it also emphasizes the need to treat everyone with dignity while embracing professional interaction affirms that this is one of the best organizations in the UK today.


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