Mission Statements of the 4 Most Popular Car Manufacturers in America

The United States of America has the world’s largest economy with a GDP ranging at $20.49 trillion and one of the several reasons is that it is a home for many top car manufacturers. Manufacturing facilities for the most popular car brands like GM, Ford, Chevrolet, and Tesla, about which we will talk in this article, are set up in the US. Regardless of the brand, all car manufacturers have a mission to create a car that will bring joy to its owner. However, as a car owner, it’s your responsibility to take care of your car if you want to extend its life. You can use spray ceramic coating which is available at Suma Performance, along with other effective car care products and enjoy your car that looks like a brand new one.

Every company, just as a car, is built with a purpose and its mission statement determines its core values. Therefore, we have listed below the mission statements of the four most well-known car manufacturers in America. Read on!

1.    Tesla

Tesla was founded in 2003, and it is best known for its electric cars. Its main goal is to provide fun, fast and better cars to its customers while using sustainable energy to take care of the environment as well. Tesla introduced the very first electric sports car known as Roadster in 2008 and up till now, it has produced efficient and premium trucks and cars at a lower price.

Tesla is also focused on providing its customers with utmost safety while driving and the Model X which holds five-star safety ratings is proof of that.

2.    Chevrolet

Chevrolet is also one of the top automotive companies that offer a wide range of vehicles such as electric cars, hybrid cars, SUVs, trucks, and vans. Safety, innovation, and quality are the three main goals of Chevrolet and the company states to never compromise on them.

This is why every part that comes out of the production plant is thoroughly checked whereas, it keeps evolving its technology to provide the best facilities to its customers. One of its vehicles, the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid, is the best-selling electric car in the US.  

3.    Ford

Ford was founded in 1903 and its main goal is to help build a better world with its services and products. Ford knows the value of protecting the Earth while providing the best vehicles to its customers, therefore, it carefully sources its raw materials worldwide. It even introduced electric cars to reduce the impact on Earth by minimizing the emissions.   

Moreover, Ford invests millions in Educational initiatives to influence the lives of students and also donates to hunger and disaster relief programs and arts and cultural initiatives.

4.    General Motors

General Motors is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the US and it not only designs and manufactures its vehicles but also sells financial services. It has a diverse and qualified team of 155,000 workers who are committed to providing safety, exceptional design, and innovative technology to its customers.

For a sustainable future, GM has also manufactured electric vehicles with zero emissions and continues to provide the best in the future. For added safety, it provides hands-free calling, touch-free navigation, and also voice recognition so drivers don’t get distracted on the road.

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