Military Status Verification, What Is The Mission Pursued?

Members serving in the military should work without worrying about foreclosures, evictions, and other convictions in the court of law. SCRA helps personnel enjoy protection from default judgment and deal with legal and financial burdens. Plaintiffs should submit a military status verification to the judge to show that the accused is not in the military. Even those called up, or recently retired military personnel, enjoy such protection. However, to get this protection, SCRA military status verification is needed.

Eligible service members for the SCRA program are the Army, Marine Corps, and the Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and reservists are also eligible.

Ordering a military status verification

To get a military status verification, you should follow the procedure given below. Different service providers follow different procedures, but the ideal one is:

  • Registration. Most services will not charge subscriptions or other fees for registration.
  • Search names. Remember to enter the correct name to avoid getting negative responses. Alternatively, you may use your social security number. Bear in mind the name variations to ensure you get the right results. For more accuracy, you may search with the three names.
  • Use other parameters to search such as phone numbers, mailing addresses, and date of birth.

You may also order an affidavit, though most courts issue their affidavit forms. Provide an active email address, since confirmation of the military status is sent via email.

Lenders, debt collectors, and business owners find the verification service crucial. It helps them ensure that before they lend or sign a contract, they are dealing with debtors capable of paying. Plaintiffs must ensure they follow SCRA regulations to avoid hefty penalty levies due to failure to comply with the military personnel protection rights.

Benefits of SCRA and military status verification

  • Rate reduction on loans taken before joining active service.
  • Provisions on termination of mobile phones and residential leases.
  • Protection against default judgment, convictions, and judicial matter stays.
  • Automobile leases termination.
  • Lenient foreclosure options.

To access and enjoy such services, different interested parties may ask for proof. Acceptable documentation that you may provide are those with your name, branch, or station where you serve, and additional documentation in case your names change because of marriage or a name change.  

Without the social security number of the defendant, you may not get accurate military status verification. Defense Manpower data center may provide you with this information if you have the social security number, but at a small fee. You may access such services and get accurate information without any disclaimer. The SCRA regulations are dynamic. Non-compliance with SCRA regulations can lead to legal challenges, financial losses and could also dent your reputation.

To ensure that the military serves the country well, the government provides the above military privileges. They also enjoy health care, housing, and education. Some benefits also extend to their families. Job training and annuities for the retired service members also help to improve their standards of living. If you understand the protection of military service members’ benefits, you can make an informed decision when dealing with them to avoid unfavorable financial repercussions in the future.

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