Marriott Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Marriott mission statement vision statement

Marriott’s mission statement is “to enhance the lives of our customers by creating and enabling unsurpassed vacation and leisure experiences.” The benefits that the customers get by choosing Marriott as their preferred destination is primarily the focus of this mission statement. In fact, the mission statement comes out as a vow that they should expect nothing short of excellent services. The following characteristics make up this mission statement.

  1. Improving lives. In the mission statement, Marriott implies that the first priority of this company is to enhance its customer’s lives. The enterprise has put in place a variety of packages for the customers to choose from, and each is accompanied by distinguished on-demand services. At Marriott, all the customers have to do is make their preferential choices, and leave the rest to the able and professional expertise to make their lives there memorable and enjoyable. There is nothing fixed at Marriott, the company is customer-flexible and always ready to go out of its way to ensure everyone gets a treat of a lifetime.
  2. Exceeding expectations. Based is unheard-of at Marriott. It is an effort the company strives to achieve to fulfill this component of its mission statement. For instance, by stating that its vacations are unrivaled, Marriott means just that because it does not offer conventional services. Everything at the hospitality giant is customer-specific with a spice that leaves the clients longing for more. As if that is not enough, customers who enroll for membership get inconceivable services and experiences that can only be described as ‘out of this universe.’ They are simply incomparable and possibly unheard of elsewhere.
  3. Improving communities. Marriott does not just give people ways to connect and opportunities to explore the world. The company also takes its prominence across the globe as an advantage to be a source of good to the communities in various impactful ways. For instance, Marriott has 2025 sustainability and social impact goals that guide how it extends its developments and care to societies and the environment. It also has many other social empowerments and support initiatives spread across the globe.


Within the hospitality sector, nothing elevates the reputation of a company like offering clients memorable experiences at the most competitive prices. Customers are always on the lookout for distinguished services in the most comfortable and client-oriented places, and Marriott is one of the few companies whose mission and vision statements have enabled the company to achieve what the clients expect from it.

Standing as a major competitor in the hospitality sector, Marriott International has not always been a big enterprise it is today. The company started off as a root beer in 1927 and has since grown and diversified its brand due to the strategic framing of its mission and vision statements that emphasize on dynamism and progressiveness in all the plans of the company. A vision statement typically defines where a firm looks to be in the future, while a mission statement outlines the actions that would be implemented to get to this defined future.

The rapid growth trend recorded by Marriott shows that the founders and the management got everything right about these two corporate statements. For instance, the vision of the company shows that Marriott is only comfortable with the first position in the sector, something that talks more about its leadership readiness and awareness.

Its mission statement complements the vision statement by restating how the corporation looks to make a difference in the lives of its customers through unparalleled experiences. In addition, the core values of Marriott also go a long way when it comes to promoting the company in general because they stimulate a culture anyone would want to emulate. With these values, Marriott finds it easy to stay focused on achieving its mission and vision.

Vision Statement

Marriott’s vision statement is “to become the premiere provider and facilitator of leisure & vacation experiences in the world.” Leading from the front is exactly what Marriott emphasizes in this statement. The company shows its determination to be a primary influencer in the sector through differentiated services and experiences for all its customers. The statement has these features:

  1. Premier Provider. In this feature, Marriott’s focus is on being the best of its kind in the hospitality sector, and the company has achieved this ambition over the years through top services and remarkable destinations. Marriott acknowledges that competition is rife, however, to maintain its position, the company has taken its branding to another with premium brands that offer cutting-edge and thoughtful services.
  2. Global experiences. The premiership that the vision statement of Marriott reflects on is also linked to the scope of operation of its business. Marriott International is not a regional corporation but a global one, and therefore, there is no limitation to the experiences clients can get. For instance, a look at the top destinations offered in this company will leave both adventurers and non-adventurers clients thinking of their next experiences. The allure Marriott promises out there is just a snippet of the entire package – there is so much more the company has in store for everyone across the globe.

Core values

Marriott’s core values include “we put people first, we pursue excellence, we embrace change, we act with integrity, and we serve our world. “ With these core values, Marriott has done what many hospitality companies have failed to do – establish an internal corporate culture that works for the overall growth of the firm. In fact, this is what has made it so easy for Marriott to remain in line with its mission and vision statements.

Any company that values not only its customers but also the larger society gains an unprecedented favor, and Marriott has been able to exploit this through its first values. By ensuring that it creates a winning mentality, one that is not only flexible and accommodative of change but also values doing things in the right way and for the right purpose, Marriott has positioned itself among the best corporations. In this way, it has earned itself a reputation fit to serve everyone across the world.


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  1. Peter H. Avatar

    Great mission statement and core values Marriott – however, it seems you’ve grown SO big and literally out of touch with your customers that your now nothing more than a giant behemoth with NO CLUE of the conditions and treatment the guests are receiving at your facilities.
    PRECISELY the LaConcha “resort” in San Juan Puerto Rico – this location is now being ridiculed and belittled by almost every guest since Hurricane Maria back in 2017-2018.
    Is there no (real) management overseeing the demise of this once beautiful resort? Mr Jose Padin was a joke! Do yourselves a favor and send someone down to clean up this mess – or at least remove the Marriott name from the place. It’s a sad shame. READ THE RECENT (tripadvisor) REVIEWS FROM 2021 TIL January 3, 2022 *(i am real and available to converse with a qualified representative if you have the desire) (and over 200 paid nights at this hotel)

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