JUUL Mission Statement

Juul Labs, Inc. is an electronic cigarette manufacturing company headquartered in San Francisco. This American company sprouted as a robust and dynamic company from the pre-existing Pax Labs back in 2017 under the guidance of its co-founders Adam Bowen and James Monsees. The company primarily manufactures nicotine salt-based Juul electronic cigarettes. These e-cigs come with a single cartridge filled with nicotine salts to replace tobacco and traditional cigarettes. With enormous social campaigning, Juul captured a 72% market share in the United States with its e-cigarettes and became the most popular e-cig in 2017.

Smoking is hazardous to health, so Juul Labs works with a clear vision to reduce traditional smokers who depend on smoking combustible tobacco products every day. The company works with a vivid vision of restricting the adults who don’t smoke from smoking and diverting the addiction of regular smokers with the use of e-cigarettes.

With a dedicated JUUL Labs mission statement to transform the world of smokers by assisting them to quit smoking with e-cigarettes. In other words, JUUL manufactures e-cigs to help smokers quit the habit. JUUL has further expanded its mission to restrict the use of nicotine products amongst the young population.

The underage group of the population in the US has been found to increasingly consuming nicotine products. JUUL stands against this unacceptable trend and voices its concern strongly. It aims to reverse this trend by reducing the marketing of products on social media and restricting access to nicotine products as a part of its social responsibility mission.

The company targets to transform the habit of adult smokers by helping them move away from tobacco smoking with their products. The company’s non-nicotine products offer a similar sensation without any tobacco. The company is also aware of its social responsibility towards the underage group and thereby advocated limiting the access of their products from this group using strict measures.

JUUL Mission Statement

JUUL mission statement is as follows, “Juul Labs is on a mission to transition the world’s billion adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes, eliminate their use, and combat underage usage of our products.” 

Juul Labs puts in their dedicated efforts to transform the world of adult smokers globally by offering an effective alternative to quit combustible cigarettes. However, the company mission also clarifies its special concern towards the underage group and states that their products are not to be used by underage non-nicotine users. The purpose of the company is to make products only for adult smokers who smoke combustible cigarettes.

Even though smoking trends have declined in the last few decades, according to statistical records there are more than one billion adults who are still indulged in smoking. Delving into the scenario of America specifically, there are over 34 million adult smokers. Smoking is hazardous in terms of health and integrity of life. It creates a comprehensive impact on life as well as the economy. The cases of death, health hazards, and diseases caused due to smoking habits is unrivaled. JUUL Labs thus takes up the mission to bring in an effective change in the lives of adult smokers with potentially less harmful alternative nicotine products.

The company is clear in its mission to reform the smoking habits of adults as well as restricting the use of their nicotine products by non-nicotine users and an underage group of society.

JUUL Labs Vision Statement

JUUL Labs corporate Vision is to create a better world by bringing in a positive reform in the lives of adult smokers who are unable to quit smoking with vapor products instead of combustible tobacco. JUUL Labs also incorporates a motivated initiative to restrict non-nicotine users and under-aged groups from the use of nicotine products, as envisioned by the company.

The company is devoted to refining and put forth a positive transformation into the world by working towards eradicating traditional smoking habits. The company aims to do so by providing habitual smokers with a less hazardous alternative to smoking. Since it is not easy for smokers to quit smoking, thus the company has come up with similar products which are not made of combustible tobacco.

In a vision to reform the world, there are several challenges. In this case, JUUL Labs understands its potential challenge to stand against the use of nicotine by non-nicotine users and teenagers. Therefore, the company has extended its vision of reforming the habit of tobacco smoking in adults together with conserving the interests of non-smokers, teenagers, and non-nicotine users with restrictive measures.

The responsible restrictive measures in terms of social marketing and product availability in the market from JUUL Labs stand up for their vision of a true transforming world. The work of the company is intended to reform adult smoking by vapor product, which again will not change the life of non-smokers.

JUUL Labs Core Values

JUUL Labs corporate values ​​aim towards reaching its mission with complete dedication, faith in its efforts, the teamwork of its people, and acting responsibly together with courage.  Let us delve into JUUL’s core values in a bit more detail.

  • Commitment & Unity: JUUL is committed to making society get rid of the smoking menace through its dedicated efforts and quality e-cig products. The company believes in teamwork, building relationships by showing respect, and building credibility through its work.
  • Responsibility: The company has taken up the mission of helping smokers quit through its vaping products. However, the company stands strong on its role of social responsibility towards underage and non-smokers who can also be at risk on nicotine addiction. The company also understands its responsibility towards its colleagues and stakeholders and acts suitably.
  • Quality:  The company JUUL Labs works with a belief that its quality vapor products can be a potential and less hazardous alternative for adults who consume combustible cigarettes and thereby reduce the harmful health and life risks associated with tobacco. The company believes in achieving excellence through its quality products and programs exceeding expectations.
  • Courage: Reforming and bringing in the transition of an age-old habit like that of smoking is not easy and comes with diverse challenges. Therefore, while the company takes every opportunity to reduce smoking habits with their innovative vapor products. And at the same time, it took up bold measures like halting digital and print media marketing and promotion of their product ranges to encourage access restrictions and limits sales to only the right age group. The company believes in voicing the smoking concerns and moving together with the strong belief to create a new and better world.

JUUL Labs intends not to achieve their mission NOT at the expense of teenagers and non-nicotine users, so they take up the challenge to drive regular smokers away from tobacco to vapor products and combat the adoption of nicotine by non-users and an underaged group of society.

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