Johnson & Johnson Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Johnson & Johnson mission statement is that “our credo stems from a belief that consumers, employees and the community are all equally important.” The statement shows that the company is passionate about inclusivity and treating everyone with absolute respect and care. The approach taken by Johnson & Johnson shows why it has become a global brand, accepted and recognized in all parts of the world. The statement related to the listed components:

  1. Diversity and inclusion. Johnson & Johnson uses this component to demonstrate the power of togetherness in finding lasting solutions for the most complex global problems. By respecting everyone, Johnson & Johnson creates a healthy environment where everyone feels their contributions are valuable and contributory to the wellness of humanity. In fact, in this corporation, this is what has driven the groundbreaking innovations and creation of healthcare products with widespread impacts for over a century. All stakeholders at Johnson & Johnson feel appreciated, and this gives them a positive attitude to give their very best in everything they do leading to the unmatched success of this corporation.
  2. Improving lives. All the efforts of Johnson & Johnson are geared towards the improvement of the quality of life of people in terms of health. For instance, the company commits its resources to fund the creation of health-based products in various divisions. Some of these comprise consumer health products such as oral care, baby care, and skincare, all of which enable people to live better lives.
  3. The company is also a leading designer of medical devices for use in vision, surgery and orthopedics. Such products are invaluable to the improvement of the health of those in need, making Johnson & Johnson a crucial contributor to the improvement of health. Finally, the company is a pioneer in some of the best-rated pharmaceuticals today. 
  4. Exceeding expectations. Johnson & Johnson impacts are not limited to any niche. The company goes beyond its primary areas of focus to impact on community development and empowerment. The company illustrates its boundless desire to give and care through targeted programs spread globally such as education sponsorship. Other than this, it is also one of the leading companies in the preservation of the environment through clean energy initiatives.


Johnson & Johnson is a broad healthcare-based company that has demonstrated its value and passion towards the improvement of the health for everyone irrespective of geographical or other barriers. The American corporation was established in 1886 by three of Johnson’s brothers to produce surgical dressings.

Since then, the company has expanded and diversified the various healthcare products that it creates. Its progress for over 130 years has been aided by its mission and vision statements that give a clear developmental path to the company. A corporate vision statement is simply a tool that defines the future of a company. In this case, Johnson & Johnson vision statement is about the readiness of this company to lead the rest of humanity to change the world Healthwise. On the other hand, a corporate mission statement talks about the strategies that would drive a company towards its vision. The mission statement of Johnson & Johnson is to stimulate everyone and incorporate the efforts of all like-minded individuals across the globe to join the Johnson & Johnson course of impacting the world through developmental deeds.

The mission and vision statements of this company have seen it grow from a local establishment to a multinational corporation ranked 37th in the list of fortune 500, and operating in medical devices, consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical divisions. Johnson & Johnson corporation also has a list of core value that guide its operations, in addition to their contribution to the success of the company. Therefore, they work hand in hand with the mission and vision statement to drive the growth of Johnson & Johnson.

Vision Statement

Johnson & Johnson vision statement is “for every person to use their unique experiences and backgrounds, together – to spark solutions that create a better, healthier world.” The statement is proof that Johnson & Johnson is a company that values the individual capabilities of everyone. It then uses these to impact on the lives of others in the world. The statement has these components:

  1. Everyone’s unique experiences. As a company founded by innovative brothers, Johnson & Johnson recognizes the difference that every person can make in the world. That is why it gives opportunities to individuals with diverse talents such as Edith Von Kuster to contribute to its course. The company considers the pooled efforts of every person as its strength.
  2. Spark solutions. At Johnson & Johnson, it is the combined ideas of its workforce that have enabled the company to lead in the invention of different impactful products. Today, the corporation is famed for its widespread contribution in different areas in healthcare through its innovations. These have been instrumental in combating of numerous diseases.
  3. A healthier world. As a multinational corporation, Johnson & Johnson has opened companies in approximately 60 countries globally. It also markets its products in all nations to ensure that it reaches everyone and impacts on their health as well.

Core Values

Johnson & Johnson core values comprise “growth & innovation, investing in future, global diversity, citizenship and sustainability, developing diversity, and global supply base.” This company has demonstrated that it is passionate about people and their wellness.

To achieve its mission and vision statements that revolves around caring for humanity, Johnson & Johnson enforces these core values to ensure everyone remains committed. The most important aspect is that the company encourages its workforce and other stakeholders to stay progressive and keep the desire of finding solutions to problems alive. It does this by encouraging innovation together with a spirit of working together. By embracing people with different capacities and from different backgrounds, Johnson & Johnson creates a culture of sharing and corporation, and this has been the source of its creativity.  In fact, it has enabled the company to constantly expand itself and its products into the global entity it is in the modern era.


Johnson & Johnson slogan is: A Family Company at Work for a Better World.


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