Johns Hopkins Medicine Mission Statement

Johns Hopkins Medicine Mission Statement


Johns Hopkins was a grocer who dreamed of establishing a hospital that could provide the best health care facility to everyone without any discrimination about their sex, race, and age. Johns Hopkins Medicine helps in many ways for excellence in medical education, research, and clinical care. 

Johns Hopkins mission statement is to educate medical scientists, students, and other health care professionals through their biomedical research. It works for the prevention of diseases and provides medicines to prevent their diseases and illness.  

In 1894, William Stewart Halsted, The Johns Hopkins Hospital’s first surgeon in chief is credited for the introduction of rubber gloves in the medical and clinical industry and marked them as mandatory during any surgery. 

Johns Hopkins Mission Statement 

Johns Hopkins mission statement is “To improve the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research, and clinical care.” 

Johns Hopkins Medicine is committed to providing the best health care facility to patients. It is a research-based company that educates people, especially medical students, scientists, and health care professionals to diagnose and prevent their patients’ diseases.  

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is established and integrated with Johns Hopkins Medicine and Johns Hopkins Health System and Hospital to provide better education to the medical students, residents, and fellows. Its mission is to improve the health care industry by providing the best education to medical students. They have achieved a milestone in the medical industry where students can learn and work directly with the Nobel laureates, Lasker Award winners, and National Academy of Science members in their hospitals. 

Johns Hopkins Vision Statement 

According to Johns Hopkins vision statement, it “pushes the boundaries of discovery, transforms health care, advances medical education and creates hope for humanity. Together, we will deliver the promise of medicine.” 

Johns Hopkins Medicine receives more than 99,800 inpatients admissions every year, and their hospital has been awarded Magnet designation in 2003, 2008, 2013, and 2018. The company does not want to restrict their activities within a particular city, and they have medical care facilities in suburbs and countryside areas as well. Attaining equality and prohibit gender and sexual discrimination is the root of this company, where women in leadership roles have been established successfully. They believe that women can bring the company to the next era of biomedical research through their innovative minds and clinical innovation. 

Johns Hopkins Core Values

John Hopkins core values are discussed below: 

  • Strive for excellence and discover new healthcare facility methods – Encouraging curiosity and seeking information for developing innovative solutions in the healthcare industry is the company’s main value.
  • Diversity and Inclusion – Diversity and inclusion are the strongest points of the Johns Hopkins human resource department, where people can join from any background.
  • Respect and collegiality – The institution truly believes that harmony and respect should flow at its core, which is reflected in the services it offers.
  • Sense of leadership – Along with all these, they are helping others as a role model and encourage other businesses associated with medical and clinical research.


​​​​​​​With a clear and focussed Johns Hopkins mission and vision, the company has established a successful name in the global market. They continue valuing their clients and patients and gather honest feedback to improvise the products and technology. Johns Hopkins sticks to its mission of providing the best healthcare facility to people.