John Deere Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

John Deere is an American brand manufacturing heavy equipment like agricultural machinery, diesel engines, drivetrains, etc. It also deals in lawn care products. The brand is owned by its namesake firm, Deere & Company. It is one of the leading companies in the heavy equipment industry, supplying a wide range of agricultural machines and construction gear, right from tractors and harvesters to excavators and graders.

However, why should you buy your agricultural and forestry stuff from Deere & Company? The John Deere mission and vision align with its ever-growing thirst to build machines that are more than efficient at their tasks. They try their best to satisfy not only their customers but also their employees and investors. John Deere is known to increase the economic value of the industry while also promoting sustainability.

John Deere Mission Statement

John Deere mission statement is, “to double and double again the John Deere experience of genuine value for employees, customers, and shareholders.” It means that the company doesn’t just settle for meeting the expectations of the people associated with it. John Deere often goes above and beyond those expectations, raising the bar of your ambitions, to ensure that you are more than happy with the experience.

For instance, if you, as a customer, have purchased some agricultural equipment from John Deere, then you may find that the same piece of machinery will have been improved upon on your next visit. It doesn’t mean that the old one would become outdated. It will still work as efficiently for many years to come. The John Deere mission statement empowers the company to work toward improving the lives of its employees and shareholders, too.

John Deere Vision Statement

John Deere vision statement is, “to create solutions that sustain the livelihoods of our customers and communities around the world for generations to come.” Improving the lives of the people associated with John Deere isn’t the company’s short-term goal. It plans to keep doing that for “generations to come”. In essence, it plays an active role in saving the environment by promoting sustainability, energy preservation, water preservation, and recycling procedures.

John Deere Core Values

John Deere core values are,

  • Quality: The company is committed to manufacturing high-quality products, then, be it a simple lawnmower or a massive tracked loader. It prioritizes quality even during the design and marketing stages of its operation.
  • Commitment: Once you are associated with John Deere in any way (employee, customer, investor, etc.), they will be committed to you for as long as required. After you purchase their product, they will never leave you high and dry.
  • Innovation: The John Deere vision statement never lets the company settle for the best; they always try to make something better! Just take a look at their offerings, you will know what we mean.
  • Integrity: The company has garnered a lot of respect over the years, both within business circles and commercial ones. And it has maintained its integrity by always sticking to the above three core values.

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