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One of the basic pillars of any organization is the human resource department. Often we consider the role of human resources as limited to just recruitment, but they have other roles to play like engaging the employees, motivating them, and managing resources and other issues. With such a myriad of responsibilities, it can be extremely difficult for HR employees to stay on the same path. That’s why every company should incorporate an appropriate human resource mission statement so that everyone can understand the purpose and responsibilities of the HR team. This mission statement will keep the employees anchored to the organization, and it also induces a sense of belongingness amongst the people.

With a well-written HR mission statement, no employee working in the department can deviate from the path. As a result, all the operations can be carried on smoothly where everyone will be at the same level. By describing the company values appropriately, inferiority or superiority complexity can be easily eliminated. 

Since a mission statement can be considered as a strategic vision, it will automatically lead to organizational development to its optimal level. Here, we have explained the importance of a human resource department’s mission statement, its key elements, and its impact on the organization’s development.

What is an HR mission statement?

hr mission statement

If we consider a generalized organization mission statement, it describes the company’s purpose, its principles and core values, and its contribution towards society’s upliftment. As far as the human resource mission statement is considered, we think understanding the roles of the HR department first will be more beneficial. 

So, in the following section, we have briefly described the responsibilities of the human resource team.

  • The priority of the HR consultancy/department is to streamline the recruitment process and hire new faces for the organization/client based on the requirements. 
  • All the employee payrolls are processed with the help of the HR department. They work in close collaboration with the finance team to check the working hours of every employee and draft the payslip. 
  • The personal growth of professionals can be enhanced with the services of HR consultancies that help and guide them towards getting better job prospects.
  • Planning and implementing innovative technologies within the organization’s infrastructure also fall within the responsibility of the HR. 
  • Guiding companies about HR processes, reviewing, and amending HR policies and procedures, suggesting employee benefit schemes, conducting employee surveys, etc.

Accordingly, the human resources mission statement must communicate how they can benefit its clients, their own objectives of attaining excellence, their code of conduct, company spirit, etc.  

It also defines the core values that every HR employee must follow in everyday life. To sum up, the human resource mission statement summarizes the goals and objectives of the organization aiming towards hiring the best, qualified and self-motivated employees to fulfill the individual and organizational goals of their clients.

Why write an HR mission statement?

hr mission statement examples

Understanding the importance of having an HR mission statement for your organization helps to come up with an effective and powerful team. Even without a mission statement, an organization can conduct its operations properly. However, having a mission statement is like adding a feather to the cap. The HR employees need something that can motivate them, remind them about the business purposes, and establish a positive work environment. The pointers below elaborate more on this.

  • You can inspire the employees to focus on customer service and exceptional performance with the mission statement.
  • It defines the purpose of the HR department and how the organization’s development is dependent on it. 
  • With a proper mission statement, the HR department can maintain appropriate employee services like arranging training, self-growth, offering more opportunities, and more. 
  • A company mission statement dedicated to HR will define the expectations from the employees. This will improve their overall performance. 
  • With the help of the HR mission statement, you can inform the employees about the ultimate goal of the organization, so that they don’t waver from the dedicated path. 
  • Besides the administration of the company, employees can be supervised to ensure they are working towards achieving the HR mission statement objectives. 

How to write a powerful HR mission statement?

Let’s take an example of an impactful Human Resource mission statement

“Our Human Resources Department works in partnership with managers and their teams, with individual employees, and with other groups to provide programs and services that create a work environment of employee empowerment and involvement in the business. Our corporate values of customer orientation, continuous improvement, teamwork, and achieving results are woven into every aspect of human resource management.” By PQ Corporation

From this statement, we can clearly understand how the company has defined the purpose of the HR department, the purpose of the team, and their contribution to the business. Based on this, one can devise a strategy for writing the best human resource mission statement. 

Prioritizing on “WE”

If you go through the popular mission statement examples for HR departments, you will realize that most of them start with “We” or its synonyms. They are counting the organization and employees together. This promotes a sense of unity. This proves the HR employees’ accountability and helps build a trustworthy relationship with other departments and the clients. So, when forming the mission statement, do make sure to start it with we, our, ours, and more. 

Declaring the roles involved

You can include the roles who will be accountable for the proper functioning and maintenance of corporate values. For example, managers, HR leads, HR employees, HR consultants, and more will describe who is associated with the department and employee growth. This will also provide information to both clients and other organizations about the point of contact in the HR department. 

Include the overall purpose

After discussing everything with your business partners, you need to include the purpose of the HR consultancy in the mission statement. Starting from offering opportunities for learning to maintain excellent employee relations, these things need to be present in the statement. Writing the purposes in brief but with clarity and transparency is very important. 

Write about the core values 

The HR mission statement should describe the core values, such as excellence, integrity, fair treatment, responsibility, collaboration, teamwork, and trust. This will help improve the core focus of all the members and make sure that everyone can understand what’s expected from them. 

Things to Include in Your HR Mission statement

From the above discussion, we can state that the mission statement should highlight everything your organization is about and what it wants to be in the times to come. To form the best human resource mission statement, you need to include some key factors that will help in improving employee relations and the organization’s performance. These factors are: 

  • Key ideas to cover: Make sure to cover important aspects like organizational values, company spirit, organizational structure, primary goals, organizational strategy, action planning process, primary customers, business partners, corporate culture, business strategy, company culture, and spirit, etc.
  • Core values: It must reflect core values like trust, continuous improvement, fair treatment, handling challenges, internal consulting, dedication, and any other value that matters. These will provide a solid foundation for the HR mission. 
  • Transparency and honesty: The mission statement must also communicate the message or goal of being transparent, honest, and responsible. 
  • Opportunities: Make sure to include words like employee assistance programs, employee support services, and more to describe that the HR department will ensure suitable opportunities for one’s personal growth. 
  • Qualifications and skills: Always ensure to state in the mission statement that people in the HR company/department are qualified so that everyone, including the board members and stakeholders, can have trust in the employees. 

HR Mission Statements Examples

Before we wrap up our discussion, let us look at some topmost HR mission statement examples. This will give you enough clarity about forming the best statement for your HR organization. 

  • Helios HR: To help leaders build cultures of intention with human capital programs that attract, engage, and develop an organization’s core – its people.
  • Insperity: To help businesses succeed so communities prosper.
  • To be a strategic partner providing custom human resources business solutions to help our clients attract, support, develop, and retain a competitive workforce and achieve their business objectives.
  • Tandem HR mission: To provide customized and high-touch human resource solutions to organizations, enabling their growth and creating phenomenal company cultures. We are proud to partner with some of the best employers around.
  • Mosteller & Associates: Our mission is to see that you achieve yours. We’re committed to driving your organization’s performance through sound, time-tested and proven human resources strategies.


Writing a proper mission statement for your organization’s HR department requires the right knowledge and awareness. With the tips and guidance in this article, you would be able to write an HR mission statement that talks about your business purposes, power of people, company spirit, and organizational values. You can also take inspiration from the HR mission statement examples mentioned above to understand how an HR mission statement reflects the company’s performance and productivity. 

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