HSBC Mission Statement Analysis

HSBC or Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation was created in 1865. In the beginning, it was a local bank serving only in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Despite being a local bank, the company’s principal goal was to fulfill international needs. 

In the beginning, HSBC’s company heads wanted to expand its branches to Europe to boost the trade relationships between Europe and Asia. Fortunately for the company, it managed to perform so well on the international front that it quickly expanded to other continents.

Presently, HSBC has branches in 64 different countries on almost all the continents. The bank employs about 40 million employees working in different departments, ranging from customer services to managing the digital services of the bank. 

Unlike any other foreign bank, HSBC has scaled its businesses, in response to the new changes. While doing so, the bank has faced every challenge and roadblock in the global trade and finance industry successfully. Today, HSBC is one of the leading names when it comes to banks having a global presence. 

In its mission statement, the company has delineated that it is aiming towards a global community where it can meet every customer’s expectation by providing the best products and services. The bank’s progress has made it evident that the company heads and its employees are quite serious about attaining their goals and exceeding customers’ expectations. 

Talking about the vision of the HSBC bank, it hopes to see itself as a compact company with an improved structural and functional management based on the banking corporation strategy. It aspires to transform how the current global finance industry operates by implementing different policies and practices. 

Over the years, it has already done that, and hence, there is no doubt that it will continue to do so in the future too. The bank aims to adapt itself to the changing market trends without transforming its core values. In fact, it can be said that with HSBC now operating in different countries and nearly on every continent, the corporation will undoubtedly achieve its pinnacle of success in the not-too-distant future. 

HSBC Mission Statement

HSBC mission statement is “We aim to be where the growth is, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, and ultimately, helping people to fulfill their hopes and realize their ambitions”. 

From the mission statement of HSBC, it’s clear that its purpose is to assist individuals as well as businesses to grow and prosper. The bank is doing so perfectly through its different services, such as personal banking, corporate banking, digital banking, and so on. 

Following are the key components as highlighted in the HSBC mission statement. 

  • Highest customer satisfaction 

HSBC’s main aim is to offer the highest level of customer satisfaction to everyone all around the world. They want to extend helping hands towards both individuals and businesses so that they can prosper and flourish facing no financial roadblock. This is why most of their policies are oriented towards the customers.

  • Transparency and practicality 

One of the core objectives of HSBC is maintaining transparency in the business operation. Any type of deception has no place in this international banking corporation. They do not and will never accept such behavior that undermines the trust that their customers have placed with them. 

  • Harnessing of inner strengths 

HSBC has adapted itself according to the changing world, especially to tackle the problems of the 21st-century trade and finance industry. However, irrespective of what changes it has introduced, the core principles remained the same – serving international communities by setting up local banks. This is one of the key messages that its mission statement upholds. 

  • Inspiring the global communities 

HSBC wants to be an inspiration for all communities in the world. The company heads encourage people to trust the bank and it will help fulfill their economic goals. So far, HSBC has assisted countless startups and individuals to achieve their dreams. 

HSBC Vision statement

HSBC’s vision statement says “We aspire to be one of the world’s great specialist banking groups, driven by a commitment to our core philosophies and values”. 

From the vision statement of HSBC Holdings, it is evident that it aspires to be at the topmost position in the industry, and for that, they have set certain goals. They truly wish to serve people, which is also reflected in their vision statement. 

HSBC company heads are following in the footsteps of its founding fathers to internationalize their businesses and help the world economy to prosper. From their vision statement, the following messages could be deciphered. 

  • Reaching the number one position 

The main vision of the HSBC Company is to become the world’s leading finance and banking institution. It has envisioned this dream from the start when its first local bank became operational. 

  • Sticking to the core values

HSBC company heads intend to continue on their journey to success while remaining true to their core values of teamwork, accepting diversity, and others. 

  • Respecting customer wishes and demands

HSBC wishes to respect the opinions and expectations of its customers, irrespective of the country, the community they serve, or any other social and cultural divisions. This is why HSBC has grown to be one of the most remarkable banks in the world. 

  • Introducing new products and services 

Lastly, HSBC intends to introduce new products and expand its services to reach new horizons. Their main aim is to meet everyone’s needs with no problems or roadblocks. 

HSBC Core Values

At HSBC, the core values have been the driving force behind is daily operations and strategic decisions.

HSBC’s core values have been anchored in their legacy, history, and the company’s overall personality, which helps them to serve their clients and achieve their mission and vision.

Here are the core values the HSBC Bank abides by.

  • Values diversity

HSBC accepts diversity and believes in assisting everyone irrespective of their background. This banking corporation has made serving diverse communities its core strength. At the same time, the bank believes in the theory of inclusion. The more diverse its staff is, the more empathy can they show towards people of different communities. Diversity has helped HSBC expand its business in 64 countries.

Diversity has aided HSBC is paying more attention to the details of different cultures and dismantle any obstacles in their way which would stop them. The bank believes in listening to its customers, removing barriers, and valuing different views. 

  • More successful as a team

To provide a wide range of services and products to their clients, people at HSBC work as a team. 

Providing cross-border services and encouraging collaboration aids in its success. It also helps in staying connected to clients and customers from across the world and delivers the best banking services and experience.

They not only understand the ways of different communities but also ensure that they do not cause any hurdle for anyone and continue to have mutual trust and support.

  • Take Responsibility for their actions

HSBC Corporation understands the consequences of its actions and believes in taking complete responsibility for its actions. Their actions impact different communities and the environment; hence they believe in making sound decisions and speak up for what is not right.

HSBC has always focused and aimed for a better tomorrow for its clients, customers, and employees alike so that everyone grows towards the common goal.

  • Complete our task

HSBC Corporation always takes a calculative risk, tries new technologies, innovates products and services for its customers, and believes in making things happen for themselves and others.

They believe in keeping their promises and making sure that they follow through with them, despising mediocrity.

HSBC has always considered itself as the bank for people and that shows in their tagline “The World’s Local Bank” and just recently they came up with a new slogan “Together We Thrive” emphasizing their core values, mission, and vision.

HSBC Headquarter

8 Canada Square,

London E14 5HQ

United Kingdom

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