How to Craft a Mission Statement Authentic to Your Brand?

Forward-looking brands need a mission statement that helps them visualize their goals and connect with talents and consumers who share their vision. With one, brands can maximize their potential just like 3Amigos, the biggest shroom delivery Canada has to offer. If you want to craft a mission statement that’ll help scale your business and keep you on the right path, keep reading.

What Is a Mission Statement? 

Before you learn to craft your brand-specific mission statement, you first need to know what a brand mission statement is and why it is important. A mission statement is a short sentence or paragraph that answers all the WHYs of a business. Why did you choose to start a business? Why do you think your products or services are needed in the market? Why do you think you will do things differently?

The mission statement also explains the values of a company, its culture, and ethics. Talents, customers, and investors look out for the mission statement to see how well their values align with that of the brand before they apply, patronize, or partner with it.

Steps to Crafting the Perfect Mission Statement

Now that you know what a mission statement is, let’s show you how you can craft a brilliant one for your brand. 

Fully Assess Your Brand

The first thing you need to do is to tear down your brand into bits and assess each part of it, no matter how small. It may sound like a funny thing to do, but you need to get to know your brand beyond the surface level.

Highlight what you do as a business and why you do these things. Most importantly, you need to know what stands you out from other brands. Your answers shouldn’t be limited to just your products or services; it could be everything that makes you trustworthy, valuable, different, and innovative.

Describe and Accentuate

Now that you know what makes your brand truly unique, it’s time to put it into sentences and let others know. Your mission statement works like a pitch. It is what prospective talents and customers look at before deciding whether or not to invest their time and money in your brand.

Use adjectives to describe what your brand offers. Get as many adjectives as possible, and then collaborate with your team to choose the best three. Remember, your mission statement isn’t long enough to give room for all the adjectives you come up with.

Make It Simple and Straightforward

Keep your mission statement short. The goal is to get prospects to understand who you are, what you do, and how you are different in just one paragraph. Your mission statement should not be more than a hundred words. So, think only about the most relevant qualities and values your brand has to offer.

Make It Timeless

Over time, your brand will grow, and your prospects will expand or change. When writing your mission statement, think long-term. Let it be as valid ten or twenty years into the future as it is now.

If your mission statement can’t adapt to the coming changes in the industry or your audience size and type, it shows that your brand never really had direction. So, before you put your mission statement out there, think about its timelessness.

Edit and Proofread

You can make as many edits and proofread as many times as you need. Do not be in a hurry to display your mission statement. Ask your friends, team members, or family for feedback. Get to see what they think and make adjustments where necessary.


Crafting your mission statement is easy when you understand your brand and know your core values. These elements guide you extensively. Also, you must know that the mission statement is not just for large or medium-sized companies. Small brands and businesses need it, too, if they want to attract only the best. Regardless of the size of your company, make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.