Honeywell Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

Honeywell mission statement is “to create value for shareholders through control technology that saves energy, protects the environment, improves productivity, increases comfort and safety, and promotes peace.” The following components represent this statement:

  1. Creating values
  2. Transforming communities

The most important goal for Honeywell is to help companies use their data to increase their impacts, expand, and become futuristic entities. It goes beyond the bottom line to create a whole new array of perspectives and possibilities for businesses in different fields including supply chain, retail, safety, aerospace and defense, building and manufacturing. While improving businesses, Honeywell remains conscious of the impacts on communities. It demonstrates its commitment to social wellness by making environmental protection and stability inseparable from any business decisions.


Honeywell is an international corporation based in Charlotte. The company specializes in engineering services, consumer products, as well as aerospace systems. Its experiences in the business since 1906 confirms why it is one of the most influential and leading companies in what it does. The mission and vision statements of this company are particularly clear and communicate the strategies of Honeywell.

The vision statement of Honeywell specifically talks about the readiness of the company to continuously improve itself for the benefit of its customers. On the other hand, the mission statement identifies the technical approaches that Honeywell uses to keep the cogs of the company running and delivering results. The core values are an additional tool that commands a sizeable influence on how the company presents itself and its overall reputation. They, therefore, contribute towards the efforts of Honeywell to attain its vision.

Vision Statement

Honeywell vision statement is “to continuously improve the way we do things so that we can capture greater value not just for us, but also for our customers.” The statement emphasizes on the primary focus of the company – incessant improvement. It has two key components:

  1. Continuously improve
  2. Benefit for all

To impact on other companies, Honeywell recognizes the need to remain dynamic and updated with the latest business solutions. That is why it incorporates diverse teams to tap from the best. In this way, it positions itself in such a way that it benefits other firms by offering them solutions to their business while advancing itself.

Core Values

Honeywell core values include “inclusion and diversity, sustainability, integrity and compliance, and communities.” By incorporating these values, Honeywell creates an environment where individuals and teams grow together. They also stimulate a progressive culture that cares about the overall wellness of communities and the environment.


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