H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

H&M mission statement is “to drive long-lasting positive change and improve living conditions by investing in people, communities and innovative ideas.” The statement emphasizes on the manner in which this company offers the world its fashions and designs. It comprises of the listed main parts:

  1. Transforming shopping
  2. Improving lives

In the first part, H&M shows that the joy and satisfaction of its clients is a priority in all its stores. That is why the company is organized in an impressive way to ensure clients have maximum freedom and comfort while choosing their products. H&M describes its outlets as welcoming for all, not just the clients, and this is what makes it appealing for the clients. To ensure that the company meets the individual needs of everyone irrespective of gender or age and impact their lives, H&M takes great caution in the structuring and display of fashions for men, women, and kids. Such elegance makes it easy for all clients to shop and enjoy the aesthetic look they long for.


H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a Swedish corporation renowned for its unique clothing and fast-fashions for all. The company has established itself as a winning brand in the market aided by its strong mission and vision statements together with its core values since 1947. Its success is proof that such corporate tools are priceless for a company. A corporate vision statement is a guide towards a set future, while a corporate mission statement highlights the strategies to achieve the desired goals.

This case analysis of H&M reveals that the vision statement underscores the determination of the company to refine its brand as a pioneer of renewable and affordable fashions. On the other hand, the mission statement is all about the unmatched experiences that the company leaves in the lives of its customers through its products and services. The core values further improve such achievements by stimulating better attitudes and performances from all the stakeholders involved with the company.

Vision Statement

H&M vision statement is “to lead the change towards circular and renewable fashion while being a fair and equal company.” This statement shows how committed the company is when it comes to maintaining the trendiness of fashions and their affordability. It has the following parts:

  1. Lead the change
  2. Fair and equal

To satisfy the first part of its vision statement, H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) remains alert to emerging styles while initiating the creation of new ones. The company keeps all its wide range of brands updated with what is in demand. The fairness and equality of H&M are reflected in various forms such as its welcoming nature, passion towards sustainability, as well as the competitive prices that it tags on their products.

Core Values

 H&M core values comprise “we are one team, we believe in people, entrepreneurial spirit, constant improvement, cost-conscious, straightforward and open-minded, and keep it simple.” These are essentially the principles that guide the operations and activities around H&M.

They are attributed to the impressive culture that characterizes this corporation, making it one of the most coveted companies globally.


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