General Mills Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

General Mills mission statement is “to make lives healthier, easier and richer.” The precision of this statement shows how focused this company is when it comes to the achievement of all its set goals and objectives. It has these main parts:

  1. Improving health
  2. Improving lives

To ensure that it strategically positions itself in the food industry sector, General Mills ensures that all its products comply with a set health standard. The standard is continuously informed by the nutrition science research, and this has enabled the company to satisfy food-related health metrics in the U.S. The maintenance of high-qualities translates to healthier and happier people in society. In fact, the reputation associated with some of the popular General mills’ brands such as Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Wheaties prove the status of this company.


General Mills is an American corporation that specializes in the manufacture of consumer foods. Its products are some of the most popular items in the retail stores in both the U.S. markets and beyond. The business approach at General Mills is informed by the specificity of its mission and the vision statements. For over a century, the corporation has maintained exceptionally high standards in both the marketing and production of all its products making it a global brand.

The vision statement of General Mills indicates the importance of satisfying the preferences of the customers. On the other hand, the mission statement is all about how the strategies of the company impact on the overall life in society. Such a goal shows why General Mills has also incorporated several core values to advance its mission and vision.

Vision Statement

General Mills hints that its vision statement is about the satisfaction of its clients. That explains why its main purpose is “making food people love.” This shows that the company understands the importance of the likes and desires of the customers.

Specific market analysis is perhaps one of the major strengths of most successful corporations. The running of the business at General Mills for over 150 years shows that the company understands this concept. Such a strategy enables General Mills to constantly improve the food products it produces in line with the market needs and demands.

Core Values

General Mills core values include “building a creating culture, making food with passion, putting people first, earning people’s trust, and caring for the world.” The company calls terms these as some of its most important pursuits. The emphasis on these values is because they create a holistic company that cares for everyone and the world.


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