GCU Mission and Vision Statements Analysis

GCU mission statement is “to prepare learners to become global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible leaders by providing an academically challenging, values-based curriculum from the context of our Christian heritage.” The emphasis in this statement is on the linkage between the Christian values and the benefits the students get from studying at GCU. The following components elucidate the statement:

  1. Improving lives
  2. Maintaining a Christian heritage

As one of the leading universities in the U.S. GCU endeavours to provide the learners with the best opportunities to pursue their dreams and become dependable and successful individuals in life. To satisfy this need, GCU offers more than 200 superior academic programs in all its 9 colleges. The university goes an extra mile to improve the value of its courses by incorporating Christian elements that lead to holistic development into all its graduates.


The Grand Canyon University (GCU) takes a unique approach by integrating Christian elements in its education system. Its mission and vision statements show that the university applies a hybrid type of strategy to give different categories of students an opportunity to earn a degree in higher education. The mission and vision statements that GCU uses today have been invaluable in the development of this facility despite tough economic and structural historical times. They have demonstrated that they are the right tools to propel the university into greater achievements.

Just as expected, the mission statement of GCU is centered on strategies that enhance the academic environment supported with significant emphasis on Christian values in its curriculum.  Its vision statement also looks to empower people and advance education rooted in Christianity. As a Christian-based institution, GCU has held its core values in high regard since 1949 to date. They are equally crucial for the success of this education institution just like its mission and vision statements.

Vision Statement

GCU vision statement is “a future centered around a hybrid campus strategy.” This is the desire of the university since 2008.

The vision statement brings a new concept into the GCU facility where it incorporates both online and conventional schooling system. It gives an opportunity to all individuals to learn including the working adults.

Core values

GCU core values comprise “diversity, community transformation, integrity and responsibility.” The university considers these values as its guiding principles.

They have, in fact, been crucial for the creation of a healthy working and learning environment in the institution. With these values, GCU prides to offer the best experiences.


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